(CMCO)Stay Home Safe, 在家也能自我增值, 开启副业之路 (7-in-1 Bundle Workshops)

# 1 亚洲蛋糕冠军教你「三款可爱蛋糕造型」Cute Cake Decorating Workshop

*** 材料和工具需要自己准备哦~ ***





#2「三款水晶手链的制作方法」从基础到进阶: 一堂课完美掌握!DIY Gemstone Crystal Jewerly Workshop

*** 附送材料包 ***


让Doris老师来告诉大家她私藏的制作手链方法吧! 😋


#3 A Guide to Brush Lettering: Everything A – Z you need to know about.

*** Free Material Kits ***

Art of writing

Journal writers, who choose writing instead of typing letters,

who loved looking at neat and artsy writings,

who loved self-healing by watching time lapse’s artwork videos

will definitely fall in love with brush lettering!

#4 手工插花(花束&花盆)线上课程 HandTie Flower Bouquet & Flower Box Online Workshop

*** 材料和工具需要自己准备哦~ ***

课程有6种花束必学技巧 🙂 比如正确的花材清洗方式, 如何延长花材生命等等~

最重要的是课程里面会教您的螺旋插花技巧~ 螺旋插花是让您制作的花束能自己站立哦!

这堂课程让您可以用不一样的花材做出不同颜色和主题的花束,就算从来没有接触过花艺也可以学会哦! 🙂

#5 Learn How to Sewing:Fun & Easy workshop for Reversible Tote Bag & Drawstring Pouch

*** Prepare your own tools & materials ***

Do you handmade your own bag before?

Imagine that, how wonderful it will be when there are various tote bags with different colours and patterns that you loved in your wardrobe!

Let’s learn sewing:
Start from choosing your favourite canvas and sew it to a reversible tote & a drawstring pouch bag!


#6 Patchwork Workshop: Learn the Basics of Sewing Modern Pillow

*** Prepare your own tools & materials ***

Would you often thinking of the most comfortable and hygiene pillow which made by your elders,

and you really loved to lay on it?

You could handmade on for yourself / your loved ones by watching this online workshop!


#7 Learn to Quilt A – Z: Colorful Patchwork Blanket

*** Prepare your own tools & materials ***

Wanted to learn sewing by yourselves, but afraid of injuring by puncturing your fingers with a very sharp, speedy needle?

Here you are, super easy sewing & quilting online workshop which allows you to learn sewing & quilting on your own!

Master sewing & quilting skills, handmade a warm, beautiful blanket to surprise your loved ones!

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