Let’s Get Started for Veneer-Style Clay Jewelry

Three Different Veneer-Style Clay Jewelry Design Layout workshop

The Finishing and Oven it

B)Let’s talk about the Equipment & Tools Needed & Some FUNDAMENTALS & KEY POINTS to remember
  • Here are some of the tools and materials we will be using:
l  Clay from NARA

(affordable clay, various colours, suitable for beginners)

l  Dotting tool/Stylus

l  Toothpick/skewer stick

l  Acrylic roller (a bottle)

l  Pen knife blade

l  popsicle sticks

l  Cookie cutters

l  Findings- eyepin, jumpring

l  Jewelry pliers

l  Aluminium Foil

l  Baking sheet

l  Cling film

l  Acrylic paint (optional)

l  Oven

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