Season One / Online Workshop Bundle Course ( 7 Different Workshop With More than 70% Discount)

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Bundle Workshop Description

Learn All of Our Season One Workshop in Bundle Promotion Price!!
购买我们第一季的全部手工课程班 就能享用高达70%的优惠哦!!

What will you Get!

A platform that fill with Creative Online workshop !

  • (您可以随时随地在任何设备上播放高清视频。提供字幕) HD videos that you can stream anytime, anywhere and on any device.Captioning available
  • (老师和学生之间的交流)Q&As between teacher and students
  • (增加对艺术和手工艺的了解) Increased knowledge on arts and crafts.
  • (可以和其他会员一起分享经验和技巧) Be part of a community that shares experiences and tips.
  • (简明扼要的指示,以确保成功的结果) Concise yet simple instructions to ensure a successful outcome.
  • (包括缝纫图案和材料包) Including Sewing patterns & Material
  • (包括包花的技巧图案) Including Hand Tie Bouquet patterns
  • Including Formula For Doing Olive Soap
  • (以实惠的价格学习新技能) Learn New Skill with affordable price


课程分类 / Class breakdown:

  1. Brush Lettering Online Workshop

  2. Copper Plate Online Workshop

  3. HandTie Flower Bouquet Workshop / 手工花束班

  4. HandTie Flower Box Workshop / 手工插花盆班

  5. Handmade Soap Cold & Melt Online Workshop

  6. HandSewing Sock Dog Workshop (手工袜子狗缝制课程)

  7. HandSewing & Design Sheep Workshop (手工羊缝制课程)

Course Content

Total learning: 38 lessons Time: 6 hours


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Before CRAFT La Education was created, CRAFT La was founded as an e-commerce platform to fill the need for an online community in Malaysia to display and market locally handmade crafts. We gather the best local talents and market their work extensively to reach a wider network of craft lovers. If you would like to collaborate and expand your art venture with us, we have the space, tools and expertise you need to get started!


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RM1,488.00 RM488.00