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CRAFT La was created to act as a platform for creative makers to share their passion for their crafts and expertise to the public. Since 2017, we have been supporting local creative artists by connecting them to worldwide audience. We aim to inspire you to start learning unique arts and crafts to gain new skills through the eyes of our artists. Find inspirations and gain new skills with this community. Embark on your creative journey today at CRAFT La! Just CRAFT La!
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Here at CRAFT La we select talented artisans as instructor to deliver quality content and education. Each artisans are well experienced in their own crafts and proves to be great instructors with great personalities.
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Creative thinking doesn't have to stop with arts and crafts. At CRAFT La, we aim to inspire and educate everyone on the importance of a creative lifestyle. Find joy from leading a creative lifestyle with us at CRAFT La and see life in a positive light!. Think creative, think CRAFT La!
from Brush Lettering Workshop
I have finished this course from Lesson 1 to the very end, and plan to go through it again. I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to try so many of the brush lettering basics and ideas.
The artisan has fully taught all of the basics of brush lettering . HIGHLY recommend this course; it will not disappoint ~ Cheers
from Acrylic Painting Workshop
This is a very therapeutic course. I am a beginner and able to follow teacher’s guidance and complete a final piece.
I am also able to find some inner peace and a me time for 2.5 hours, truly happy and will join more Teacher Ryoko courses when they are available.
from Art Journaling Workshop
After going through the online workshops, I find it fascinating and helpful for a beginner like me.
With the introduction of certain tools and materials such as STABILO products would allow me to start with a direction and from there to further explore.
from Acrylic Painting Workshop
I bought this program for my 12 year old girl. She completed the painting. She loves it so much.
Thank you teacher for the very clear instruction. Clear video shooting. Look forward to the next piece of art.
After watching Ms Mika’s marble painting tutorial, I found that I really like Colorpy. The concept of this brand, color & therapy, is very special.
It can heal a person’s heart through this marbling painting and the colours because I started to be curious about this Colorpy water painting, so I decided to sign up for this course.
I really didn’t expect a series of surprises, and started to have interest in marbling painting. Thank you Ms Mika <3
from Art Journaling Workshop
Didn’t know art has been improved in so many beautiful ways nowadays. Unlike those days with the traditional method.
Surely kids or even adults would find this new techniques interesting and enjoyable especially those who find art boring before 😉 I’m impressed and have learnt something new myself 👍🏻☺️
Tay Min
from Soap Making Workshop
As someone who has been using natural handmade soap for a few months now, I decided to give this course a try.
And I must say, it didn’t disappoint! I love the explanations on the ingredients and materials being used. It helped me to have a better understanding of what I’m actually doing.
I can finally save up now by making my own soaps instead of buying them from the store. I highly recommend checking out this course!
from Hand Knit Class for Beginners
Yay! Finally… completed… My first crochet doll.. ❤️❤️(although not the same size) Thank you cikgu Queenie Tong!
For advice & follow up with us and not to forget some of the course-mates who share tips & advice as well~
Really a good online artisan platform. Can learn at your own pace and time.
from Galaxy Dreamy Landscape Workshop
A great course. It was easy to follow yet full of detailed examples of technique, brushes, paper and other materials you would need. It has inspired me to start painting.
from Chinese Calligraphy Workshop
The teacher’s explanation is very clear, and my handwriting has improved significantly even before finishing the course. I am glad that I signed up for the online course. The waiting time is a bit long but it’s WORTH IT!
from Singing Workshop
I really like Ms Wen Wen’s teaching method❤️I could quickly understand the many skills and practices of singing. Simple and easy to understand ☺️
from Handsewing Sock Dog Workshop
I am a person who has no talents for crafts~ After purchasing the course, I can repeatedly watch the tutorial steps~ A learning platform for people like me! I’ve watched it almost 20 times and I am still not bored from the course.
from DIY Gemstone Workshop
That’s great~ Successfully complete your own crystal bracelet~
from Singing Workshop
The course is insightful and really helped me to improve on the way that I sing. Now my voice flows just like a river uwu
from Skin Care Workshop
I love how teacher Jenna is so detailed in this workshop, yet it is so simple to create something fun!
from Hand Knit Class for Beginners
I wanted to learn knitting before but I couldn’t find it. Until now I found this course online by accident, placed an order without saying a word.
I followed the video course teaching (very detailed and clear pace) so that I could easily complete the first owl of my life.
Thank you Ms Queenie for your careful teaching, and also thank you Craft La for having such a great course.
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