About us

Who are we? 01

Who are we?

Supporting local talent sine 2017.

Before CRAFT La Education was created, CRAFT La was founded as an e-commerce platform to fill the need for an online community in Malaysia to display and market locally handmade crafts. We gather the best local talents and market their work extensively to reach a wider network of craft lovers. If you would like to collaborate and expand your art venture with us, we have the space, tools and expertise you need to get started!

Our Values 02

Our Values

It’s all about the handcraft!

CRAFT La is the platform for arts and crafts that’s as expressive and unique as you are! Inspired by passionate local talents, we provide a curated selection of exclusive handmade crafts from various local artisans. We believe that their art endeavors deserve the opportunity to better connect with worldwide handcraft enthusiasts.

Our Education 03

Our Education

Let’s make some Craft ‘La'

‘La’ is the embodiment of Malaysia’s multi-cultural society.
‘LA’ is friendly, universal and an authentic way of expression among Malaysians.
We hope to incorporate such spirit into our crafts – being unique and truly Malaysian.

What do have to offer?

What you can expect to get out of our services.


Obtain and master a new skill from something as extravagant as flower arrangement to brush lettering. You’ll be able to learn some tips and tricks along the way as well.


Learn how to be independent by taking your own course of action when it comes to pushing yourself to learn something new.


Our wide range of courses available will surely inspire you to be creative and start making your own creative content, whether it be in the form of a video or something physical.


Through our courses, you’ll be able to prompt conversations and collaboration within this community of learners and instructors with the integrated bbPress forums system. Share your experiences, tips and stories.


We strive to provide affordable yet intuitive classes for our students to ensure that they are accessible to everyone across the globe.


Get to know more in depth about a specific set of skills.  Our instructors will be sure to equip you with the right knowledge in order to succeed.

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The perfect activity with my kids, we had a lot of fun!
Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 5.18.53 PM
After using CRAFT La Education, I feel so much more accomplished by learning something new all on my own!
Learning & Studying has never been more fun. Honestly, I can learn while being in a comfortable environment. Super relaxing!