【5】 Handmade Skills for Extra Income You Can Learn Right Now

8 Sep 2021

If you ever wonder how to monetise your passion. You definitely came to the right place✨

We know that the pandemic has hit us for almost 2 years now, and some of us are struggling to make ends meet. While we wait for opportunities to knock on our door, it’s time to up our game and adds value to ourselves! 

Before we talk about monetising our passion, it’s important to equip yourself with the right passion and skill set that gets you going!

Cute Cake Decorating 🎂

If you’re a fan of baking, this would definitely be a plus point!
Taste is a very big hit when it comes to baking, but so does the outlook of it.
In a modern world of social media, people are excited to put up nice and cute looking food on their social media. To be instagrammable and aesthetically pleasing.

Scented Candles 🕯️

Do you have a great taste for scent?
Scented candles have been widely purchased for people’s homes. They’re one of the essentials when it comes to making one’s home feel cozy and comfortable.

Though there may be a lot of fancy and luxurious equipment out there to make your scented candles, it is not entirely necessary! You can always start with the basic ones,
and upgrade as you grow!

DIY Accessories / Jewelleries 💍

Threads and beads, they captivate you. Then this set of skills might
help you to earn extra income! When we talk about accessories and jewelleries,
there are so many different designs and styles to suit!

Imagine a bohemian style, it leans more towards nature and relaxes themed.
But when it comes to exotic style, it’s centered on rich smoky colours. 

DIY Soap Making 🧼

Similarly, it feels like scented candles, they are essentials.
The difference is that you will need to use this every single day!
The ingredients that you will need to use to make your own soap are mainly natural. You could specifically target customers with sensitive skin types!

Natural soap helps to relieve irritated skin and according to research,
it many times improves psoriasis and eczema! 

How and where do I learn to make crafts?

The Internet has been a great platform for people to learn what they need to! Just one touch, one click and boom! You’re up and ready!

However, here at our platform, CRAFT La also provides Arts and Crafts Workshop like that! Where you can purchase a course at any time, anywhere, and watch however many times you want! You know what they say, practise makes perfect. 

We hope in this very tough time, we are able to help you along the way and add value to you as an individual. It is better to teach you how to fish than to bring the fish in front of you. Let us be strong and rise as one!

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