6 Interesting Handmade Craft Workshops for Women on International Women's Day!

3 Mar 2021

Did you know that over the years, there are histories of how women are being treated badly? Women fought so hard to be able to achieve their rights and freedom to be equally treated. In the early years before today, gender inequality was a huge issue until 8th March 1977, women’s rights and gender equality were recognized. 

As of today, 8th March 2021 is the celebration and reminder of the importance of women’s rights! Today as girls, we stand strong together.

Craft La wants to allow women to fulfill their dream by learning things that they seldom learn in their daily lives. Every girl's dream is to be talented, pretty, etc. We can provide the tools you need. There will be a special discount for you because Craft La wanna show our appreciation to ladies all over the world for being such strong empowering women.

Here are a few workshops that you can get 20% off, specially made for the ladies.

For example, we have:

  • Doris’ Gemstone Crystal Jewelry (Mandarin)
  • Kelly’s Chinese Calligraphy (Mandarin)
  • Queenie’s Handknit Crochet (Mandarin)
  • Ming Ming’s Cake Deco (Mandarin)
  • Sheryl’s Floral Embroidery (English)
  • Jecelyn’s Brush Lettering (English)
Workshop above are the only ones with Promo Code.

It is all about loving yourself, expanding your knowledge with even the slightest and to be productive during your holidays or offdays. You can even learn all these workshop and make it into your own masterpiece to sell as part of your business.

Having to learn workshops Craft La provides can even save your money in getting gifts in the future for your loved ones. You can just do what you have learned and send it out to your loved one's special occasions. The effort put in will be much appreciate by them and it gives them something to remember about you.

Craft La wants to wish every woman in the world, Happy International Women’s Day!

Hoping you have a nice day, week, month and year! :)

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