Top 5 Art Galleries You Must Visit in Malaysia

27 Jul 2022

Malaysia has won many hearts both locals and tourists for their well-known tourist’s destinations. Every year, especially on public holidays, people roam the streets and explore exciting places such as islands, cities, beaches, and many more.

On the other hand, the country itself offers art galleries that are worth your visit as each of them holds their own uniqueness. Let’s explore more about it!

1. ILHAM Gallery

ILHAM Gallery

Take a LRT train all the way to the Ampang Park station, or take a short walk from KLCC, you will find a public art gallery, or known as Ilham Gallery located at Ilham Tower.

This art gallery is a living sanctuary of Malaysia modern and  contemporary art, as it serves it's purpose which is to attract a large, diverse audience to engage and to have a new and exciting experience.

Moreover, with the activities such as public programmes and exhibitions held here ,it will attract more people not just acknowledging the art pieces but their talented artists and their brilliant ideas.

2. National Art Gallery

National Art Gallery

Visiting another country, especially in Malaysia, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the National Art Gallery.

This public art gallery has been reopened after several months of closing as it has gone through a high scale renovation and several upgrades for the visitors to have a whole new experience and new art pieces yet to be discover from Malaysian artists.

Furhtermore, the art gallery is fully-packed with seminars, workshops and art competitions here to attract the public's attention in appreciating art among artists, students, and the general public.

If you want to find inspiration as an artist or someone who wants to discover art, this is a perfect place for you to get a close view of the visual art presented here.

3. TAKSU Art Gallery

TAKSU Art Gallery

Take a 15-minute drive from the city center, located near Jalan Pawang, you will find an art gallery known as TAKSU Art Gallery.

What's more interesting as it represents a combination of modern and contemporary art, adding up with urban features, and it has become an accesible and open platform for both local and independent artists to present their art and for the public to learn and discover new art styles.

With this kind of feature, the Malaysian artists will have an open interaction with the local community by promoting their solo exhibitions and enhancing their knowledge and understanding when viewing their art pieces.

If you want to learn other artist's art styles or if you are capable to show your creativity to others, this is a good place to start here.

4. Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery

Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery

Want to learn more about Malaysia's economy? You don't have to look far , tak a visit to Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery.

It will be a fantastic experience as it was built with two-in-one platform features, designed with a multifaceted range of themes, adding with a completion of 6 permanent galleries including the Children’s Gallery, the Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery, Economics Gallery, Islamic Finance Gallery, Numismatics Gallery and Art Gallery, you can dive in with your friends and families to discover more about the nation’s economic development.

Furthermore, this museum and art gallery held numismatic collections that are old as history itself, and treasure along with a collection of Malaysian and ASEAN artworks.

If you are interested in learning both history and art, this is a place for you here.

5. Istana Budaya

Istana Budaya

Art does not evolve with only paintings , you can explore the beauty of art through music and dance. Therefore, just search Istana Budaya and you are right where you are.

Istana Budaya, or known as the Palace of Culture, is a local theater where you can find locals performing arts such as traditional dances, musical and even classical music theater onboard.

You will also find yourself amazed with the theater’s building structure as it has been designed authentically with specific structures that represents the Malay culture such as the building design of a Malaysia traditional house and it is shaped as sirih junjung, a betel leaf symbolises a gift for the newly wedded couple during Malay wedding ceremony.

Apart from that, you will find more about Malaysia culture with the performing arts and programs available here.

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