Art Journaling for Special Occasions

30 Jun 2020
A visual diary that combines various elements such as writing, drawing, painting, and even collages, art journaling is your very own safe space to express yourself creatively.

The number one rule when it comes to art journaling is that... there are NO rules! Whether you're a beginner or an expert - or even if you've never touched a paintbrush before - you can easily learn how to start an art journal.

Instagram: shinyee_c
Why keep an Art Journal?

Putting down your thoughts and feelings into paper can be extremely helpful in de-stressing and understanding your own emotions. An art journal gives you the freedom of expression as there are no limits. Utilise your private and personal space however you want!

Enjoy The Creative Process with CRAFT La and STABILO!

We are proud to have this chance to collaborate with STABILO and bring everyone more exciting workshops!

With two different themes to choose from, our journaling artist Shin Yee will guide you on how to start your very own art journal using STABILO products!

Art Journaling for Beginners: Create Your Very Own Floral Natural Journal by Using Things Around You!

Travel Journaling for Wanderlusts: Tips and Tricks to Bring Your Photos and Memories Back to Life!

Mix beautiful nature elements such as flowers and butterflies together. Create a floral themed art journal with your own favorite techniques and style!

Learn how to collect bits and pieces for your journal while travelling as well as how to utilise photos, writing, and a simple notebook to create a beautiful travellers diary. 

Get 45 minutes worth of classes for FREE when you purchase any STABILO products!*

A little bit about our journaling artist, Shin Yee!

Shin Yee is a journaling artist that has years of experience in the journaling field. She has been journaling since 2015. Through these years of exploring art journalism, she found out that it is something she really enjoys doing. Check out some of her work below!

Delve into the world of art journaling with Shin Yee now!

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