Art Journaling

21 Jul 2020

There are so many types of journaling that you can explore, to keep your life organized or simply picking it up as a new hobby.

For example, with an art journal you can look back at your experiences and memories as sources of inspiration, whether it’s planning for a new school project, revising for an exam or monitoring your habits and behaviours.

While it is easy to take notes on computers or smartphones, art journaling is a great alternative to organize your thoughts and ideas visually. All you need is a notebook and some handy tools from STABILO to get started!

1. No Rules!
1. No Rules

Think of an art journal as a scrapbook where you lay out anything that you see, do or feel in a visual manner.

Make use of old magazines, newspapers, postcards, stickers or wrapping paper that you have around you and cut out clippings of things that are meaningful to you! You can create art journal spreads on any topic that you like.

Feel free to express your thoughts, there are no rules!

Paste your clippings onto your notebook and use fineliners like STABILO’s point 88 fineliner to doodle, sketch or write down motivational quotes and swing cool highlighters to shade in or highlight important notes.

The point 88 is not only a useful writing tool to underline, circle or mark important points on your art journal, it is also your best friend in visualising your thoughts. You can find them on STABILO’s Lazada store at

2. Unleash Creativity

Awaken the creative side of you with as many colours as you like!

You don’t have to be great at drawing to create an art journal. The best part about art journaling is that it is your own canvas where you can illustrate all your ideas freely. 

If you’re creating an art journal for revisions, use colours that pop but are not too harsh to highlight or underline notes and points that you need to memorize. Drawing figures, graphs or structures will definitely help you learn better.

With STABILO’s Pen 68 Fiber-tip pens, you can shade in all your drawings to make studying even more fun!

Get STABILO Pen 68 Fiber-tip pens in your favourite shades or  grab them all! All you have to do is add them to cart on Lazada at

3. Visualize Experiences

It’s so easy to take photos of life experiences with our smartphones, but it’s more meaningful to visualise them with your art journal. Draw and note down fun facts that you discover in your everyday life to deepen understanding on things that spark your interest.

Let your art journal be a tool for your personal growth. Whether it is about a new chapter you learned from History class, or your personal opinions on a trending topic,  draw or write them down with STABILO’s point 88 fineliner!

Add the fineliner to your stationery stash by purchasing from STABILO’s Lazada page at

4. Plan and Set Goals

All great successes come from great planning. Use your art journal as a planner to help set and reach your personal goals! You can even use it to plan your pre-exam revisions or everyday to-do list with it, so that you memorise better.

Having as many pictures or drawings on your art journal spreads as possible will definitely help you achieve what you desire.

For example, drawings of daily tasks that need to be done, or important parts of human anatomy that you need to remember for a Biology test.

STABILO has just the right writing and drawing tools you need! Simply head to STABILO’s Lazada store at to get hold of the point 88 fineliners, Pen 68 Fibre-tip pens and swing cool highlighters.

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