Creative Expression through Art Journaling

10 Jul 2020

Journaling since the young age of 16, Shin Yee is a graphic design graduate with a huge hobby in art journaling. By starting off with doing planner and travel journals, Shin Yee has explored different styles of journaling and gradually came to realise that art journaling is what she really enjoys.

Sketching, painting, and crafting ever since she was a kid, Shin Yee has always loved creating art. Even when doing documentation type journals, Shin Yee has always made it a point to include illustrations and doodles into them. By doing so, she has found out that she prefers conveying her thoughts and creativity through visuals, rather than words.

Art journaling has made an impact on Shin Yee's life both spiritually and physically. Ever since she started taking up art journaling as a hobby, Shin Yee has felt more content with herself than ever. Art journaling enables her to discover her true passion, value, and strength. Apart from that, she has also adopted the habit of collecting random things she finds. These 'junks' can sometimes be used for her art journals.

The process of filling blank pages with art makes art journaling fun for Shin Yee. She feels happy and satisfied when she creates something that expresses her ideas, whether it looks good or not. Improvements on her art make her even happier. Exploring mixed media and different styles is also an enjoyable process, even though it might get messy at times.

Most importantly, Shin Yee has, and is still learning the different ways of creating art. Through art journaling, she has learned how to make mistakes and accept imperfections. Her "me-time" is now filled with exploring and spreading her creativity.

"Grab a sketchbook / journal book and start creating your very own art journal! Let's play, let's create!"

Come explore your creative freedom with Shin Yee today!

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[COMING SOON] Travel Journaling for Wanderlusts: Tips and Tricks to Bring Your Photos and Memories Back to Life!

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