Experimenting With Different Lettering Styles

7 Oct 2020

It doesn’t matter whether you love bullet journaling or just “addicted” to stationery, lettering is a fun and artistic writing method you should definitely explore. It may seem like it requires a lot of technique, but lettering is for everyone. 

You don’t need to have a lot of tools on hand, just work with what you have on your desk. We’re here to show you how you can experiment different lettering styles with stationery of different point sizes that you already have. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of them, STABILO has got you covered with point 88 fineliners, Pen 68 fibre-tip pens and swing cool highlighters!

1. Block Lettering with Highlighters

Highlighters are a versatile tool when it comes to lettering. You could create a variety of lines, or draw patterns, shadows, underline or outline, or thicker lines to fill in patterns or highlight.

With swing cool highlighters, you can create lines as thin as 1mm with the thinner edge, and as wide as 4mm with the thicker edge. Using highlighters, you can also have more control over the thickness that you want and keep it consistent throughout all the letters for various types of fonts. Interested to try this method out? Kick start your lettering hobby with fluorescent and pastel swing cool highlighters from our Shopee store at https://bit.ly/stabiloBTSM.

2. Gradient Lettering with Fibre-Tip Pens

If you’re looking for endless drawing and coloring options, a fibre-tip pen is your best choice. The Pen 68 with a 1mm tip gives you the freedom to draw patterns that you desire, and even color in larger areas.

For example, you could write smaller letters with a fineliner like point 88, or trace letters with a pencil and then fill in the letters with Pen 68 in different colors to create a gradient effect. For final touches, use the pen to decorate your lettering masterpiece with dots or smaller patterns in the background. Colorize your letters with Pen 68 fibre-tip pens from https://bit.ly/stabiloBTSM

3. Patterned Lettering with Fineliners

When it comes to creating more precise patterns in lettering, using fineliners will do the trick. Imagine giving your letters a print like a cheetah!

First, outline the letters with a black or dark fineliner. Now that you have outlines that act as borders, you can start tracing the ‘print’ of your letters with a pencil and fill in the spaces with any combination of colors you heart desires. Go all out! Fineliners that are as precise as the point 88 are best for detailed drawings, so check them out on Shopee at https://bit.ly/stabiloBTSM.

4. Mix it up!

You don’t have to play safe with lettering — mix it up with different lettering styles to inject a ton of character into your artwork! There are endless options to make your lettering look more unique. Unleash your creativity by lettering with highlighters, fibre-tip pens and fineliners all together!

Now that we’ve tried block lettering with highlighters, let’s switch it up to color in block letters with fibre-tip pens. Use your highlighters to create lines, shadowing and ribbon backgrounds for your letters. Try adding some cursive writing with fibre-tip pens, and add contrast with smaller handwriting using fineliners. Stock up on point 88 fineliners, Pen 68 fibre-tip pens and swing cool highlighters from Shopee at https://bit.ly/stabiloBTSM and start lettering!

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