How to decorate your diary

2 Mar 2021

If you like putting your thoughts, plans and experiences on paper, a diary or journal will probably be your best choice. A diary is essentially your ‘storybook’ that carries all of your life events and ideas, so why not personalize it to represent who you are?

There are various ways to decorate a diary, but you don’t need a ton of accessories to do so. Here are a few different ways to decorate your diary pages, and all you need are some colored pens and highlighters. Check out to stock up on STABILO point 88 fineliners, Pen 68 fibre-tip pens and swing cool highlighters!

1. Pattern

Most diaries come with blank, lined, grid or dotted pages that look boring, so you can start by creating patterns! Before you write on a new page, use highlighters that come in lighter or pastel shades to draw larger abstract patterns. The swing cool highlighters with 1mm & 4mm line widths are perfect to color in large areas and create thinner lines.

To accentuate the pattern with more details, go for a Pen 68 fibre-tip pen so you can create lines and dots with thinner strokes. The more colors you use, the better! Use your favorite colors so your diary represents your personality. Try STABILO swing cool pastel highlighters and Pen 68 fibre-tip pens in fluorescent and pastel shades from!

2. Mini illustrations

Next, decorate your diary pages with some mini illustrations! Creating illustrations will not only set the theme for your page, it also helps you visualize your experiences, ideas, events, places or things you are writing about. They don’t have to look super intricate or complex, simply let your creativity lead the way.

For these mini illustrations, use a pen with a fine tip like our point 88 fineliners to outline and draw the details. To color in the spaces of the illustrations, try using our Pen 68 fibre-tip pens that have a slightly thicker tip but still allow plenty of control.

3. Colored doodles

Simple colored doodles can also make your diary pages look a lot more interesting! While recapping the day, week or month on your diary, you can doodle about your favorite things or most memorable events, which will also help you create a lasting impression and remind you of those memories when you look back at them one day.

Sketch your doodles with a pencil first, then outline with a black pen before you color the doodles to bring them to life. Use the point 88 fineliners and Pen 68 fibre-tip to do the trick! You can find them in all sorts of colors from

4. Colored and patterned titles

With all your writing mostly in black or blue, making the titles of each page stand out with colors and patterns will set the character of your diary. Instead of writing the titles with your regular handwriting, try writing them with different font styles that will leave white space within the letters.

You can play around with different combinations of colors and create a gradient or layered effect for each title. Besides, you could create simple patterns like polka dots or lines as the background with STABILO swing cool highlighters, then write the titles over the patterns. Decorate your diary together with STABILO products from today!

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