How to Doodle with Colored Pencils

14 Oct 2020

Art doesn’t have to be serious all the time, because it should be more than just a skill you learn. We’re putting some fun back into drawing with a quick guide on how to doodle with colored pencils! It doesn’t matter if you’re new to art because doodling allows you to play around with colors and different techniques in a not-so-serious way.

You don’t need a lot of tools to pick up this new hobby — all you need are colored pencils and paper. Get them ready and let’s doodle!


First, decide on what object you want to draw. Feel free to take inspiration from daily life or find references from the web. Then, start your doodle with a sketch using a pencil and use basic shapes such as circles, squares and triangles to create the ‘skeleton’ of your object and proportions of your object. After you have the base of the sketch, add on the details and refine the shapes with light, short strokes.


Once you’ve completed the sketch of your object, create the outline following the lines of your sketch using a fibre-tip pen with a thicker point size in black. While you’re outlining your object, you may refine or change any shapes or lines to the desired structure. With a completed outline of your doodle, you can then erase away the pencil sketches before coloring in with colored pencils.


Here comes the fun part of doodling — coloring! Choose colored pencils with vibrant color payoff and super blendable leads to have a more refined doodle. STABILO’s new swans ARTY colored pencils will provide you with smooth strokes and attractive colors to bring your doodles to life. Grab them online from our online store at!

Start shading in your doodle with light colors before adding more dimension with darker colors. Always color lightly first and build up the intensity with heavier strokes. Use darker colors to create shadows of your objects. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors! The best part of doodling is that you can use any color combination you please.

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