Illustrating with Fineliners, Fibre-tip Pens and Highlighters

7 Jan 2021

Art is not only for the professionals, and you don’t have to be one to draw illustrations! Don’t be intimidated by drawing, because all you need are simple materials and a little guidance from us. It’s common to use colored pencils or watercolors to illustrate, but we’re here to show you tips for illustrating with fineliners, fibre-tip pens and highlighters!

You can spice up your diaries or journals with adorable elements or create DIY projects as gifts or elaborate drawings to study better. Prep yourself with a wide variety of colored fineliners, pens and highlighters from and we’re ready to start!

All ideas should start with a sketch as the backbone and guide. You don’t need to get into the details with your sketch because we’ll be working on the details later. 

Draft your sketch lightly with a pencil and then outline with fineliners or fibre-tip pens for thicker strokes. Fineliners like point 88 with a 0.4mm tip are great for outlining smaller details, while Pen 68 fibre-tip pens with 1mm tips give a bolder look and feel to illustrations. You can go classic with black for outlining or any color of your choice. Check out point 88 fineliners and Pen 68 fibre-tip pens in various fun shades at!

Once you have the sketch outlined, start with the base colors first. Don’t worry about filling up empty space in one go because you can revisit and touch up later.

It’s important to use lighter shades first and leave the darker shades at a later stage so that you can create blending or shading effects. Use Pen 68 fibre-tip pens to fill in larger areas and get into the nook and cranny with point 88 fineliners.

Shading your masterpiece will turn it into life. Prepare a range of greys or darker shades depending on what you are drawing, then start shading in the shadows with lighter shades. Keep the areas where light would hit on your object unshaded to create a 3D effect.

If you prefer shading with other colors apart from the suggested, you can check them out here:

If you like to have more fun with your illustrations, draw some patterns! Make use of the blank spaces and color in patterns like waves, dots or abstract shapes to add more character. Try using highlighters for bigger areas like the background to have more coverage. STABILO swing cool highlighters with both narrow and wide edges are perfect for that.

For more details, do consider using point 88 fineliners or Pen 68 fibre-tip pens to draw smaller strokes or finer details in other parts of the illustration.

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