【Her Story】Joee Cheong

7 Aug 2019

She is Joee Cheong, a painter and artist.She is an artist in Malaysia which conduct creative workshops, take on creative projects, create visuals, paint and design prints. She live in Kuala Lumpur and love to travel. She was once afraid to dream but taken a step of faith to pursue what seemed impossible, and that is how byjoeecheong was created. She love what she doing and enjoy the creative process; it is exciting and it gives never ending possibilities.

Joee is deeply passionate about the creative arts and had always wanted to start her own creative business. She began painting in mid-2016 as a hobby. After 6 months of experimentation, she became a full-time artist and founded her own creative business. Joee aspired to teach people to use art for relaxation as well as creative exploration. Hence, she started conducting creative workshops so that more people can learn and have access to art and painting. https://www.byjoeecheong.com/

Along the way, Joee found that her biggest obstacle is in fact herself. She had to battle with the pressure to stay creative and inspired all the time, so that she can create good content for her followers on Instagram and come up with new ideas for classes. In order to overcome this, she has learned to seek her creator daily for inspiration and ideas.

Joee doesn’t really consider features or acknowledgments as an achievement. Nonetheless, they are an important part of her journey, which is documented on her Instagram. Ultimately, Joee thinks that her objective in life is to create with a purpose. She would love to help others to eventually be able to create with a purpose as well. With that, she considers being able to conduct workshops overseas (Melbourne, Singapore, Manila, Sydney, etc) as her achievement, as it would mean that she is helping more people to learn to create.

Even though having more people doing art would mean more competition for her, Joee still thinks positively of the trend as each artist enriches the dynamics of the industry. She hopes that the local arts and creative scene will keep growing, so that more people could incorporate art into their daily life!

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