Learn Better With Colours

13 Aug 2020

Let’s be real — studying with textbooks that only have black text against white paper can get quite boring. You’ll find yourself having trouble focusing during revisions or memorizing the main points. If you’re going through this, don’t worry because STABILO has just the right tools to help you learn better!

Did you know that using certain colours in your textbooks or notes can help you be more productive? It’s time to colorize your boring textbooks and study notes so you memorize all the important points to ace that test. See which colours work best for you and get your favourite stationery from STABILO!

Tip 1 - Red for Energizing

Red is a powerful colour that represents passion, and it is also a colour that will keep you feeling energized. It’s a stimulating colour that will keep you alert, but use this colour in the right places so that it doesn’t get overwhelming.

Try using red when creating mind maps to make the important notes stand out. This will even make your notes even more interesting as it evokes emotions and helps you express your point. Try out our red point 88 fineliners and Pen 68 fibre-tip pens that you can purchase from https://bit.ly/stabiloBTSM!

Tip 2 - Orange for Mood Lifting

Add a touch of brightness with orange! As orange is a softer colour compared to red, it helps lift the mood when you’re studying. Orange is a welcoming colour that offers a welcoming vibe during your study session. 

Pick orange instead of a harsh red when you highlight or underline key facts and figures, but use it sparingly, in small doses. Brighter orange shades tend to be more stimulating, while softer, less saturated orange tones are more soothing. You can find the point 88 fineliners, Pen 68 fibre-tip pens and swing cool highlighters in different shades of orange. Get your favourite ones from https://bit.ly/stabiloBTSM.

Tip 3 - Yellow for attention grabbing

If you’re studying on a topic that you want to put more focus on, try using yellow! It’s a colour that grabs your attention, and it can even make you feel more optimistic — just what we need to score in exams!

To make sure you learn the important points and remember them confidently, use our swing cool highlighters and Pen 68 fibre-tip pens in yellow shades to highlight, circle and mark them down. Get them now from https://bit.ly/stabiloBTSM

Tip 4 - Green for Concentration

Keep calm, study mode on with the colour of nature! When you’re getting stressed from keeping up with classes and exams, the soothing green helps you be more efficient while keeping a calm mind. 

Use green to revitalize your study session when you’re feeling a little sluggish, as it maintains your concentration in the long term. When the text in your notes gets heavy, use green to improve the readability of your notes and help you think from a better perspective by illustrating diagrams or graphs. Don't miss out the point 88 fineliners, Pen 68 fibre-tip pens and swing cool highlighters in green from our online store at https://bit.ly/stabiloBTSM

Tip 5 - Blue for Productivity

Be at the top of your productivity level with blue! Known for its calming properties, blue creates a relaxing atmosphere for studying and keeps the mind chatter away. Use blue when writing down your notes, and you’ll find yourself having a better mind flow and performance.

Try darker blues to maintain your train of thought, and lighter blues help you concentrate. Blue is especially effective when you use it for more challenging studies or topics, so try using blue ink to write or highlight. You will see your reading comprehension improve, too! Running out of blue shades? Check out https://bit.ly/stabiloBTSM to stock up now!

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