Secret Meaning of Colours in your Art

18 Sep 2020

Maybe colour can be an intimidating topic for a lot of artists, as everyone has their own preference. However, colours are a powerful tool to enchant the viewer if you are able to utilize the secret meaning of colours in your art. We have gathered the secret meanings of colours and you can apply these to your art later!

Let's start with the reactions of people with warm and cool colours.

Warm Colours are based on yellow undertones which convey the emotion of happiness and energy. Did you know that red, yellow and orange colours trigger hunger? That's why the fast-food chain restaurants are using these colours on their logos and advertisements for McDonald's and Burger King.

Cool colours normally based on the blue undertones and it can bring a calming effect to the mind. Blue and green colour are cool colours representative. Blue colour means dependability so it's the common colour for uniforms and working suits. For instance, dark blue is generally used by our authoritative figures such as police officers.

Colours can be used to call out a certain mood or to create a message, so using a suitable colour in your art is a plus to your art. Let's explore the hidden meaning of colours together!

Red is a colour associated with strength, excitement, ambition and impulsiveness, as well as passion, desire and love. It usually refers to danger or threats so you can see the red colour on stop or warning signs.

Orange is a combination of red and yellow; it means joy, sunshine and the tropics. It is a cheerful colour and is associated with dynamism, youth and fearlessness. Road or reflective cones also use orange colour as a safety sign.

Yellow is associated with sunshine and joy and it represents light and creates an image of hope, happiness and wisdom. It also implies warning signs if placed alongside blacks, such as the yellow flag at a football game or warning signs at traffic lights.

Green is known as the colour of harmony, and it's associated with healing and calming effects on the mind. It is commonly used in advertising medicines and health-care products because green can help spread the message of safety. It is also associated with nature and luck.

Blue is the colour of the sea and sky, the formal colour which represents steadiness and wisdom. The blue colour associated with sadness or depression and the word 'feeling blue' comes from the tradition of ships flying blue flags and bearing a painted blue band when a captain or another officer has died.

Purple is a colour most often associated with royalty, magic, and mystery. Gloom and sadness can be portrayed using purples too. A light shade of purple is restful and serene and is also associated with femininity. A dark purple can be tiring to the eyes and cause frustration.

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