What is CRAFT La Education?

21 Oct 2018

CRAFT La Education is an educational platform that enables local artisans to create, market, sell, and deliver their own online courses. Our mission is no less than to revolutionize the way people learn online by giving them the tools they need to pick up a new skill or hobby. :)


It all started with a passion and dream to create an online platform where art enthusiasts around the world are able to share and learn different forms of arts and crafts. We didn’t want distance and time zones to be an obstacle when it came to learning. We strongly believe in sustainable, lasting, effective courses that make an impact on both the artisans and students.

One of our core values would definitely be how Purpose Powers Everything. What do we mean by that? Well think of it this way, if you wake up one day and have no tasks or goals to achieve, you’d have nothing to do for the rest of the day. Your entire day would have been wasted on doing nothing. But with a purpose in life, it drives you to keep learning and keep creating. Purpose powers everything. Our online workshops offer so much more than typical tutorials. We see every creative project as a chance to grow -- not just as crafters, but as people.

Here at CRAFT La Education, we hope to bring you a purpose to learn and widen your skill sets; while at the same time having fun with it! Our intuitive classes by local artisans not only allow the teachers to showcase their talent to the world but also enable the students to grasp a better understanding of the specific craft they wish to learn.

Furthermore, our drive to create runs round the clock - and we bet you know the feeling. We believe there’s always creativity in everyone, and our job is to help find it, grow it and let it out to play. Not only that but we also believe that when you put in the time and effort to create something by hand, you make the world a teensy bit better. And if you disagree, you haven’t had a homemade cookie in awhile.

With all that said, why not meet the brains behind the idea of CRAFT La Education? Paul Chan is the founder of CRAFT La which is an online marketplace for local artisans to have the opportunity to sell their work and maintain a sustainable business. Paul believes that the local Malaysian art scene isn’t as appreciated as it should be and was greatly inspired by other online courses platforms. So, he created CRAFT La Education. Through this, he hopes to reach out to other crafters alike worldwide or even newbies and introduce them to the joy of crafting.

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