How does CRAFT La Education work?

12 Jan 2022

You might be thinking to yourself, “Oh, this is pretty cool and all but how does it work?”. As we mentioned in our introductory blog post about what is CRAFT La Education, we offer online classes to you, the audience, to learn various skills and crafts.

The process of applying for a course is super simple. First step is to browse through all our courses available and don’t worry, we have a bunch prepared for you; from something extravagant like flower arrangement to relaxing brush lettering. Once you’ve chosen your desired course, just pay the stated fees and you’re done! You now have full access to all the classes on the specific craft you have decided to take up. Isn’t it so easy?

Finally, you’re able to watch though every class and your journey of learning something new can begin! Pause and play whenever you need to, rewind the video if you missed something. The possibilities are endless when it comes to CRAFT La Education. Let’s get to learning!

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