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Available Positions
Video Editor (Intern)
  1. Assist senior video editor in completing the final product for video editing.
  2. Assist in brain storming creative ideas for upcoming projects or campaign.
  3. Have a good sense of timing and visual awareness, and a high level of attention to detail.
  4. Assist the team in ensuring logical sequencing and smooth running of videos produced.
  5. Assist the team to organize soundtrack and sound effects and string together audio and graphics for a perfect final product.
Frontend Developer
Job scope:
  1. Building sustainable coding that may be used in the future.
  2. Ensuring the feasibility of UI/UX designs.
  3. Modifying designs and specifications of complex applications.
  4. Analyzing code, requirements, system risks, and software reliability.
  5. Collaborating with front-end and back-end web developers.
  1. Hungry start-up attitudes: Keen to learn and passionate in software development.
  2. Good interpersonal & problem-solving skill
  3. High level of organization and attention to detail
  4. Having solid fundamental skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript and Database.
  5. Experience in React.JS and RESTful APIs is highly preferable.
  6. NO DEGREE is REQUIRED!! Provided you have fundamental skills and understanding on software development.
Social Media Specialist (Intern)
  1. Involve in managing content in company social media platform i.e., Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok
  2. Artwork design and visual for marketing campaign
  3. Video shooting and editing for marketing campaign
  4. Manage Facebook / relevant marketing campaign
  5. Assist in marketing and advertising promotional activities (e.g. social media, direct mail and web)
  6. Diploma/ Degree in Mass Communication/ Marketing/ IT or relevant field
Application Form
Tell us more about you. You may brief us more about any projects and the technical stack that you previously had involved in the resume. ☁️Attach the resume link from Google Drive
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