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需要的工具和材料/Tools & Materials

Tools & Materials Needed

绵羊整体的形成身体、手部和耳朵的制作过程/Sewing Steps ,Making the Body

Sewing Steps ,Making the Body

脸部教程/Sewing Steps ,Face & Ears

Sewing Steps ,Face & Ears

收尾工作/Sewing Steps ,Eyes & Mouth Adding Details

Final Steps ,Eyes & Mouth Adding Details

HandSewing & Design Sheep Online Workshop (手工羊缝制网络课程)

Course Description

制作一个手工羊娃娃其实一点也不难,只要掌握了技巧就可以缝制出好看又可爱的手工玩偶啦~这些娃娃不只可爱还很实惠哦!我们的艺术家Yammy 将教导你简单的缝纫技术,让你可以以简单又有趣的方式去制作可爱的手工羊娃娃!(这个课程将会以中文来解说)(This Class will be Conducted in Chinese )/ Life will be so much fun when you learn how to make doll yourself ~ that are adorable and affordable! Pattern designer and author Yammy shows you simple sewing techniques that make sewing a cute sheepwill be very fun and easy !

课程分类 / Class breakdown:

  1. Introduction/ 简单的介绍-  Yammy 将向您展示基本的缝纫技术。让你可以简单又有趣地完成一只手工羊娃娃 . May will shows you simple sewing techniques that make sewing a cute dog will be very fun and easy !
  2. Tools & Materials Needed/需要的工具和材料- (让您知道制作一只可爱的羊娃娃需要什么工具与材料) – will let you know what materials will be needed for doing a cute doll. 
  3. Sewing Steps ,Making the Body/绵羊整体的形成- (我们将教导你如何制作出绵羊的整体形状) Then, we’ll start off by learning how to form the sheep body & overall shape.
  4. Sewing Steps ,Face & Ears/脸部教程- (整体形状完成后,就可以开始缝制出可爱的绵羊脸) Afterwards, Yammy w’ll teach us how to make the sheep Face & Ears
  5.  Final Steps ,Eyes & Mouth Adding Details/ 收尾工作- (最后就要加上羊角、眼睛和嘴巴了) Last but not least, the Sheep’s facial features such as the eyes and mouth are attached as well .

About the instructors

Yammy是一位从小就热爱艺术的人。为了缝制出让自己满意的手工艺品,她可以花上大部分的时间在研究手工上。起初她也只是把自己制作完成的手工艺品送给身边的朋友们,但自从遇见Kei Kei后,她开始有了新的想法!经过和Kei Kei的讨论后,她们决定一起合作,互相配合,让她们辛苦制作出来的手工艺品给更多人知道与珍惜。目前来说,她最大的成就感就是拥有了属于自己的制作手工小天地。在那个小天地了,她可以毫无顾忌地研究并且缝.....
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