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简单的介绍/ Introduction


需要的工具和材料/Tools & Materials Needed

Tools & Materials Needed

头部的制作过程/Making the Head

Making the Head

身体、手部和耳朵的制作过程/Making Body , Hands & Ears

Making Body , Hands & Ears

缝合步骤一/Sewing Steps ,Join the Head & Body

Sewing Steps ,Join the Head & Body

缝合步骤二/Sewing Steps Two, Join the Hands & Ears

Sewing Steps Two, Join the Hands & Ears

收尾工作/Fitting your Doll , Adding Details

Fitting your Doll , Adding Details

HandSewing Sock Dog online Workshop (手工袜子狗缝制课程)

  • by Kei Kei
  • Course level: Beginner

Course Description

美好的生活就是学会自己制作手工玩偶~ 这些玩偶不只可爱还很实惠!我们的艺术家Kei Kei将教导你简单的缝纫技术,让你可以以简单又有趣的方式去制作这只可爱的手工袜子狗!(这个课程将会以中文来解说)Life will be so much fun when you learn how to make doll yourself ~ that are adorable and affordable! Pattern designer and author Kei Kei shows you simple sewing techniques that make sewing a cute dog will be very fun and easy ! (This Class will be Conducted in Chinese)

课程分类/ Class breakdown:

  1. Introduction/ 简单的介绍- (Kei Kei将向您展示基本的缝纫技术。让你可以简单又有趣地完成一只手工袜子狗)Kei Kei shows you simple sewing techniques that make sewing a cute dog will be very fun and easy !
  2. Tools & Materials Needed/需要的工具和材料-  (让您知道制作一只可爱的袜子狗需要什么工具与材料) will let you know what materials will be needed for doing a cute doll. 
  3. Making the Head/头部的制作过程- (我们将从袜子狗的头部开始制作) Then, we’ll start off by learning how to form the dog’s head
  4. Making Body , Hands & Ears/身体、手部和耳朵的制作过程- (然后Kei Kei将教导我们制作身体、手部以及耳朵的过程 )Afterwards, Kei Kei w’ll teach us how to make the dog’s body, arms and legs.
  5. Sewing Steps ,Join the Head & Body /缝合步骤一(将头部以及身体缝合起来) Then, Our Artisanwill teach you how to combine Heads & Body
  6. Sewing Steps Two, Join the Hands & Ears/缝合步骤二(将手部和耳朵加在袜子狗身上)And next, our artisan will also teach you how to sewing hands & ears together
  7. Fitting your Doll , Adding Details/收尾工作- (将各部位缝合后,就要加上像是眼睛以及鼻子的脸部特征了 ) Last but not least, the dog’s facial features such as the eyes and nose are attached as well . 

About the instructors

Kei Kei开始制作袜子娃娃是在4年前的时候。当时有一个朋友21生日,为了显得有诚意,Kei Kei决定上网学习制作娃娃然后送给那位朋友。因为缝制出来的娃娃很可爱,所以很多朋友都鼓励她尝试制作袜子娃娃来卖,但是一开始Kei Kei觉得袜子娃娃并不受大众欢迎和喜爱,也心想这是不可能的事。直到她遇到了Yammy。Yammy给了Kei Kei勇气,就这样她们开始了手工的旅程。目前为止,Kei Kei最大的成就就是几乎身边朋友的家都有一只她所制.....
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This course is easy to understand and it's explained well. And the outcome unexpected is cute. Love it :)


You’d think it would be really difficult to learn this since everything is very simple . To my surprise, it was quite easy to pick up the skill. The teacher is clear with what we needed to do and her passion really motivates me to try harder and be better in the skill.

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