HandTie Flower Box Online Workshop / 手工网络插花盆班

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Course Description

每一天,都是幸福的开始,让自己以最好的状态,去迎接每一个今天!让每一天的自己,都过得像花儿一样灿烂多姿!通过这个教学,我们的艺术家将教导你简单以及实用的插花知识~ 让你简单学会插花的精髓!(这个课程将会以中文来解说)/ (This Class will be Conducted in Chinese)

课程分类 / Class breakdown:

  1.  简单的介绍- 介绍花材以及所需要的工具与材料 / Introduction。
  2. 了解你的主题,需要的工具和材料 / Figuring out your theme , Choosing flowers 
  3. The Choice of Different Pot / 有什么不同种类的花盆
  4. 所需要的材料和花盆/ Type of Material We Needed For making Flower Pot
  5. 处理花材的过程/How to Clean & Prepare Flower – 通常买回来的花都是未经过处理的,所以Joselyn将教导我们如何处理花材
  6. 插花教程 如何把您的花盆摆放更美/ Building the Flower Pot / A wrap-up and Tips

Course Content

Total learning: 6 lessons Time: 32 minutes


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Joselyn Lai is a professional florist that started learning about floral arrangement 2 years ago. She has been hired to arrange flowers for weddings, events and more! Impressive right? What inspired her to take up this profession is undeniably due to her passion for her love of flowers. Whenever she came across any form of decoration, the flowers would attract her attention the most and thus creating her strong interest towards flowers. Through this online course, she hopes to inspire others to take up floral arrangement as she noticed that many households nowadays have their own little flower pots used as home decor. Additionally, even bouquets of flowers are being given to friends and family as gifts for birthdays, graduation ceremonies and other celebrations. Due to this, she strongly believes everyone should get a chance to know the skills required and correct methods in order to make your own gorgeous floral creation. Up until now, Joselyn believes that her highest achievement would be her success in building an online platform to sell her work as well as opening a florist shop called “Miss Moonig” that is located in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia. Furthermore, she hopes that the future of the flower arrangement industry will flourish and be more recognised by the public.


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RM280.00 RM95.00