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Why should beginners master Colour Pencil Drawing?

Colour pencils are inexpensive & the palette is extensive!

The Perfect First Venture into Using Colour

Maybe colour can be an intimidating topic for a lot of artists, as everyone has their own preference for colour so a colour pencil animal portrait class would be the perfect first try for you!

The journey begins with the search for animal photo references, and animal is our best friend in real life so we can observe the animal easily. This course is going to teach you how to draw and colour from a colourful hummingbird to create your very own vivid animal portrait.

About the Drawing Class Instructor

Colour offers tons of control over the blending and rendering in expressing your love of colour to the fullest!

Venie Tee, Fashion Designer & Illustrator

Venie Tee, an outstanding fashion designer and illustrator, has won the Most Promising Young Designer Award and the Best Casual Wear Award in the Young Designer Competition organized by Malaysia International Fashion Alliance (MIFA) in 2005.

She graduated from the Central Saint Martins College in London in Fine Arts (UAL), Raffles College of Higher Education (formerly known as Raffles Design Institute) and Academy of Art University San Francisco.

Since her start of career in 2006, she has incorporated her perseverance and persistence in modern independent aesthetics in each collection, showing a unique femininity. She founded the men’s brand Venie Tee Homme in 2013. She graduated from the Academy of Art University San Francisco, United States, in 2018 with a Master Degree in Illustration. As an artist specializing in fashion, she perfectly blends the two loves to create unique and eye-catching images.

Some of the animal portraits drawn by artist Venie

Check out more artworks from Venie on Instagram

What Is The Course About?

Our experienced instructor, Venie, has taught the course in real-life to lots of students. She will guide you on how to create a vivid animal portrait by using colour pencil. You will learn the powerful techniques of drawing and colouring such as blending and rendering in detail.

This Class is Perfect For You If You

♡ Love colour pencil drawing
♡ Love animal drawing
♡ Want to get awesome at drawing with colour pencil
♡ Love observational drawing & drawing from photo reference
♡ Want to improve your drawing & colouring skills
♡ Intimidated by colours but want to understand how to build up rich colours together

Learning Outcomes

After this drawing and painting class, you will be able to:

  • Express the colour sense abilities to the fullest
  • Injecting different toner & values into your drawings
  • Understand the power techniques of drawing such as distil to simple shape
  • Understand the power techniques of colouring such as blending & rendering
  • Bring colour & life into your animal portrait
  • Draw a vivid animal portrait by using colour pencil

Self-paced Learning

The classes are organized into sub-topics which you can quickly understand.
Now you can enjoy this course from the comfort of your own space, where you can learn and practice at your own pace. We provide an effective and flexible learning environment for you!

Frequently Asked Question

I have never attended any drawing and painting class before, would this course be suitable for me?

★ Yes, this course is best suited for beginners. Our instructor will teach you from A to Z, and she will provide a step-by-step tutorial.

What if I can't find any suitable tools or materials?

★ Our professional instructor will explain all the tools and materials needed and ways of getting them to be mentioned during classes!

What if I am not available to attend class at a specific time?

★ No worries! Our classes are unlimited and offer lifetime access once you’ve purchased. You can also choose your own preferred time and space for learning!

Can I get in touch with the instructor to ask her some specific questions?

★ Yes, of course! You can ask questions in the comment section, and the instructor will help you solve your problems as fast as possible. You will also be able to share your masterpieces and have a discussion within the community.

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