Loyalty Program

CRAFT La is more rewarding now! Earn points when you engage in learning.

Loyalty Program

earning points through purchase a course

How does it work?

How do I earn Points through purchasing a course?

> Points will only be rewarded when order is successfully paid.
> All buyers are entitled to earn points whenever you purchase any items:
– 1 points for every RM 1 spent
– 3 points for every SGD 1 spent
– 4 points for every USD 1 spent

>The amount of points you earn from a particular order will be calculated based on the order’s final purchase price, minus all discounts and shipping fees.
> You will only receive your points after your order is completed – that is, after you have successfully make a payment for your order.

How do I earn Points through Learning?

> You will be rewarded with 200 points when you leave a review after completing the class

Step 1: During the last lesson of a course, you will be able to see a button to unlock points.

Step 2: You will receive 200 points when you leave a course review.

How do I spent my Reward Points?

Step 1: You can redeem the points during checkout by clicking on the ‘Redeem‘ button

Step 2: For example, you will be getting a total discount of RM10.00 when you redeem 1,000 points.

How do I earn Points through the Referral Program?

Our Refer a Friend programme is a simple way to receive and send points discount to your friends. Here’s how it works: 

1. After logging into your account, click on your avatar, and select “My Points”.

2. Copy the the unique referral link. and invite your friends via WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, SMS, email or other messaging platforms.

3. Your friends must use the link to sign-up in order to receive their 1,000 points (worth RM 10).

4. When a friend places their first order using the rewarded points, you will receive one time credit of 1,000 points for each new signup.

How long does my earned Points valid?

All points earned will be valid for a period of 90 days.

For example, if you earned 100 points on 1 Jan 2021, it will expire after 90 days (1 April 2021).
1 month later, on February 1, 2021, you will earn another 300 points, which will expire after 90 days (2 May 2021).

Let’s say you have spent 150 points before 1 April 2021, and the 250 remaining points expire on 2 May 2021.

Terms & Conditions for Reward Points

All points are available to use to purchase all courses produced by CRAFT La, except material kits, pre-orders, and new courses.