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Terrarium Making

DIY Handcraft
Create your own terrarium as a home decoration based on your interests and artistic taste. In this workshop, you'll learn the basics of terrarium building and build your very own terrarium from scratch.

Scented Candle Making

DIY Handcraft
You'll be learning the basics of candle making, from types of wax to demolding your candle.

Soap Making

DIY Handcraft
Our soap making instructor will guide you through step-by-step during the workshop.


Knitting & Crocheting
In this workshop, you'll learn how to make your own cup coasters, yoga mat hanger or even plant pot hanger and many more!

Floral Embroidery

Floral & Embroidery
You'll be learning different types of stitches that makes up an embroided craft with a floral motive.

More Team Building Activities in Malaysia

Air Dry Clay

Bath Bomb Making

Boba Tea Making

Brush Lettering

Chocolate Making

Natural Skincare


Patchwork Modern Pillow

Perfume Making

Preserved Flowers


Royal Icing Cookies

Street Dance Fitness

Style Clay Jewelleries

Tote Bag

Watercolour Painting

Team Building Activities With CRAFT La

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Fun and Engaging

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High quality pre recorded workshop for you to learn on demand.

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Here are some of the benefits of team building

Encourage Creativity

With fun and engaging team building activities, it can be a breather for the team to encourage creativity and develop fresh ideas

Boost Team Morale

A great opportunity to have everyone engaging with one another outside work, using games and fun activities! This can help create a positive work environment.

Enhance Communication

Engaging team building activities can help teams understand each other better and foster more open communication amongst team members.

Inspiring Team for Amazing Collaboration

Working together on interactive team building activities can help unite team members and encourage collaboration


Here's what you can expect to see

Types of Team Building

Let your team building experience be the way you want

Virtual Team Building

Transportation and time is always a hassle when it comes to gathering. With Virtual Team Building, you can learn anytime anywhere!

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Physical Team Building

Working together in a physical environment helps enhance team chemistry and unity. This can also be better for certain workshops!

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Pre Recorded Team Building

Worry about timing? With pre recorded workshops, you can watch the high quality recording of the course on demand.

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Bundle Team Building

We would love to include everyone! With bundles you can select multiple medium of team building experience at a better price!
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HRDF Claimable Team Building Activities Malaysia

We provide HRDF Claimable team building workshops and activities to help SMEs, GLCs and MNCs in Malaysia to retrain and upskill your employees.

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