5 Art Activities and Workshops in Malaysia You Can Join With Your Friends

16 Aug 2022

As we are getting on with our lives, we grow apart with our friends and can only rely on social media to keep each other updated.

However, we can change that by do an activity together, such as joining and art workshop. In Malaysia, you can find a lot of art workshops available you can try with your friends.

Here are some short and simple art activities you can try:

Art Colouring Activities

We all found joy in coloring, from the strokes we made in filling the spaces to sharpen our colour pencils. Wouldn't it be more fun when we can do group colouring together.

This art activity will only need to bring a set of colour pencils and a drawing block.

With colouring, not only you will find it therapeutic but you can find joy with each other's company.

You can find drawing and painting online courses here.

Making Art with Nature Collage

It feels nice to spend time with your friends, surrounded with nature.

While having a nice picnic, you can make a simple nature collage with your friends.

This art activity is quite simple, you just need to grab anything that is closer to you such as small leaves, twigs, flower petals, baby feathers, and many more. After you gather it, you can glue and paste it on a piece of paper.

This art activitiy can be fun as you enjoy being with your friends and nature.

DIY Art Memory Box

What's more precious than the memories you've created with your friends, in the form of things such as friendship bracelets, polaroid pictures, handwritten letters, and many more.

Therefore, a memory box is perfect in keeping the things you've shared with your friends.

This art activity will only need you to bring a box and a set of art supplies. Everyone will decorate with their own style and store the goodies inside.

You can find affordable art supplies here.

Art Thumbprints Painting Activities WIth Friends

What's more fun than to mess your friends with watercolours?

Thumbprint painting is a fun and entertaining activity you can try with your friends. It is simple as you only need to plae a bead of water each colour, place your thumbprint and paste it on paper.

This art activity will only need you to bring a set of watercolour and a drawing block, as you use your thumbs often.

DIY Paper Flowers With Your Friends

Let's get more creative by making our own flowers from paper.

Paper flowers are easy to make and it will take a little effort to do so. This art activity is perfect as a gift for your friends to keep, and you can add it with the handwritten letter.

This art activity will only need you to have colour papers, glue and scissor.

CRAFT La Arts And Craft Workshop

CRAFT La is an online learning platform for you to dive in the arts and craft by joining thier online workshops. Other than that, you can also join their team building activities for your team to have an ultimate team building experience!

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