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More Than Just Online Drawing and Painting Workshop for You

Through the online drawing and painting class near me, you can learn how to use different mediums such as colour pencil, watercolour, acrylic paints, fineliner, fountain pen, fiber-tip pen to create your artwork with excellent drawing and painting techniques; We’re also providing the digital drawing and painting art class, you can learn the advanced drawing and painting techniques by using the computer software such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustration and so. You can definitely discover what you can create and explore new techniques about digital art, you can even take your skills further after joining the drawing and painting class here.

Master Colouring Technique with The Best Drawing Class Near Me

Besides that, we will also provide the colouring technique class and other unique drawing techniques. For instance, Folk Art is the painting class that you will learn to paint on tote bag and shoes by using the acrylic paints; Marbling Painting is the painting class for beginner to learn about the drawing and painting techniques that make your drawing float! You can even learn how to find the drawing inspiration and transform your ideas into art through our drawing and painting masterclass.

Begin Your Art Journaling Through Our Drawing & Painting Online Class

You can learn art journaling through the drawing and painting online class, our professional instructor will guide you on how to create your very own floral natural journal by using things around you! You can learn how to draw and paint the beautiful flowers and butterflies step by step. Not only that, you could preserve your treasured travel moments by drawing and painting the memories in the travel journal after the trip.

Our Drawing and Painting Classes are Adults and Kids Friendly

Drawing and painting is a therapeutic art and craft that is suitable for both adults and kids. We can spend quality me-time or family time by joining the drawing and painting online class to improve your skills.

Replay our Drawing & Painting Class Anytime Anywhere

The online class can be learned anytime and anywhere! All the lessons are pre-recorded video so you can unlimited replay the classes to revise the drawing skills and techniques, and the class provided lifetime access after purchases. You can interact and communicate with our instructor and students when you’re facing any problem or issue.

Join in today to create your very own drawing and painting artwork!


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