Creative Workshops - The New Corporate Team Building in Malaysia

14 Jul 2022

Are corporate team building game sessions not doing it for you anymore? Here’s a new way of bonding with your colleagues! Take up creative workshops as your new team building sessions and watch yourselves bonding again, all while gaining one or two new skills along the way! 

Here at CRAFT La, we are bridging the gap between corporate team building and a creative lifestyle. Forget the sweaty and sunny outdoors, reduce the risk of injury when playing extreme sports and welcome the soothing air conditioned workshops where you get to wind down while pampering yourself with a simple yet satisfying crafty product that you can take home, all while you bond with your colleagues. Isn’t this a better corporate team building idea?

CRAFT La as Malaysia’s Next Team Building Provider

CRAFT La started as an online platform for local Malaysian artisans to earn a living from sharing their passion for their crafts to the public. Today, we have over 300,000 students on our platform and we are now striving to be one of the top corporate team building companies in Malaysia

From non-edible crafts like terrarium making, soap making or even candle making, to edible crafts such as sushi making and chocolate making, we cater to your team building needs in the most creative way. 

We aim to spread the beauty of arts into the corporate world by inspiring you to start crafting your own passion, whether it is on decorative objects or household items. We believe that creativity does not stop at crafts but it can be integrated into our lifestyle whether it is workwise or in your personal life. 

Hence, our creative team building is your choice in your next team building planning. Not convinced yet? Here are some more reasons as to why you should consider a creative workshop in your next corporate team building!

1. Highly Customizable Team Building Activities to Fit You

Some workshops have their timings and theme fixed where you will have to work around their schedule to conduct your team building but that’s not us! We want to work according to YOUR schedule and theme. 

We are flexible on the timing*, venue and up to the design of your craft, be it candles, soaps, terrariums or even chocolates. Give us your wildest ideas and we will help you make it come true. 

2. Team Building Souvenir to Remember By

Get something out of your team building session other than teamwork and trust! Make your own craft that you can bring home and keep it as a momento to always remember the event. 

Choose from our wide range of crafts from home decoration, hobby related or even edible workshops such as sushi or boba tea. There is definitely something for everyone! Is this not the new corporate team building activities in Malaysia

3. Reasonable Team Building Package in Malaysia

Let us work within your means. We understand that some of us are still not comfortable with meeting in a big crowd physically and there are also some who are tired of virtual team buildings, so we came up with solutions! 

Choose from physical workshops, virtual workshops or even a hybrid where we satisfy both parties! No more travelling long hours just to meet your team mates. Our team building session starts from only RM80/pax so what are you waiting for? 

Find us today to customise your own creative team building session and start living creatively! Think creative, think CRAFTLa!

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