HRDF Claimable Team Building Course Malaysia: What You Need to Know

1 Nov 2022

Team building is one of the most effective ways of increasing team effectiveness and performance. It can be used to improve communication skills, build trust and increase productivity in your organization. It also helps you understand the importance of good communication within a team, as well as between teams.

You might have or have not heard about HRDF training and courses in Malaysia. Apart from organizing team building on your own, there is an option for companies to join this program and seek an HRDF-certified trainer in Malaysia.

Read on to learn more about the HRDF claimable courses as we discuss this program further.

About HRDF Claimable Course in Malaysia

The Human Resource Development Fund, or HRDF, is a pool of funds collected from the various companies and manufacturers that come under the HRDF Act. Employers in the manufacturing and service industries, as well as registered businesses, are required to pay the funds in the form of taxes. The HRDF was established by the Human Resources Development Act of 1992.

It is currently known as the PSMB Act or Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act (2001). According to the statute, employers included in the PSMB's first schedule are required to contribute to the creation of the HRDF. If other employers so choose, they can also register for this.

HRDF Training Course is a specific programme designed to help employers retrain and upskill their staff in accordance with their operational and commercial needs. The primary goal of constructing the HRDF in Malaysia was to create a more skilled human workforce.

The worker is expected to be highly skilled in their employment sector, both technically and academically. The fund was initially established to generate skilled workers in Malaysia, but it now also serves as a global source of skilled workers.

Why You Should Choose HRDF Course for Team Building in Malaysia

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies struggle to find employees with both technical and good interpersonal communication skills. With rapid technological advances, employers must ensure that their staff understand how to adapt to new technologies. This is where training and team building are helpful.

Under the HRDF course scheme, employers can receive a grant from the fund to spend on their employee training and team building programme. The grants provided by the HRDF can handle a large proportion of the costs involved in organising such training, if not everything. They also offer financial assistance to employers who are organising this training.

HRDF Certified Trainer and Training Provider

HRDF training providers are organisations that serve as training vendors. Employers registered with the HRDF can submit claims by participating in training provided by HRDF training providers.

Searching for HRDF certified trainer list is not a difficult task. All you need to do is visit the training providers' website and search for any use of the HRD Corp Registered Training Provider and HRD Corp Claimable logos. There are also several HRDF course lists offered in the scheme, so companies or employers need to find any team building suited to their nature of business.

Is HRDF Online Training Available in Malaysia?

With an increasing number of online and remote courses and working systems starting up across many parts of the globe, it’s clear that learning through virtual means is becoming a viable option for everyone. In addition to providing a safe environment, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, online training and courses also offer participants a wealth of opportunities to learn about new things without having to leave home.

HRDF online training has also been supported through various schemes introduced to ensure that people can access online team building and training sessions without travelling to distant places. These include a scheme that enables claimable online training and others that provide facilities and equipment so those attending the courses can attend them from wherever they may be.Now that you know about HRDF claimable course in Malaysia, why don't you plan for your next team building with CRAFT La, a certified HRDF training provider in Malaysia? Contact us for inquiries and more information.

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