5 Easy and Simple Sewing Projects You Can Try For Beginners

29 Aug 2022

There are a lot of hobbies you can try to fill in your time, like sewing.

Therefore, you should try sewing. Sewing is one of the activities that will help you release stress and enhance your creativitiy at the same time.

For beginners, it might be difficult for you without guidance , but there are simple sewing ideas you can try, with easy steps to follow!

Here are 5 simple sewing projects you can try on your own:

DIY Envelope Clutch

When you have a lot of stuff to carry on with you everywhere you go, an envelope clutch come in handy.

This sewing project is easy to be made as you need to sew the linings of the envelope.

You can make it in any shape you want, regardless of the space you need to fill in you go-to essentials.

Envelop clutch can be use for travelling and running errands.

DIY Tote Bag

Nowadays, less people use large backpacks, but with tote bags instead.

This sewing idea can be helpful in carry around our essentials. It can also be made as handmade gifts for our friends.

With a tote bag, you won't have to carry to much with you, which is useful for work and travel.

DIY Weighted Blanket

You can still enjoy the anxiety-relieving benefits of a weighted blanket during hot summer months if you pick the right model.

What's more warmer and cozier when you take a short nap or a deep sleep? A weighted blanket.

This sewing idea benefits you in making you sleep comfortably and you won't have to freeze yourself out with thin blankets.

It can be customized easily based on your bodyweight, which makes you easier to bring around for travelling.

DIY Oilcloth Table Runner

In what way you can greet your friends to come to your place? By have a meal together.

You will need an oilcoth table runner to make your dining table more mesmerizing. This sewing idea can be done easily and can be made in different styles to fit the enviroment.

Table runner are useful for special occasions.

DIY Pot Holders

People dig hot cooking for the smell and the saviour, so it must be quick to be serve and don't want your hands to get burnt at the same time.

Pot holders come in handy in carrying hot pots. This sewing idea is useful in in serving food and as gifts for friends and family, especially for those who love cooking.

With pot holders, you can serve your food safely.

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