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Sharpen your sewing skills with online sewing class near me

If sewing and quilting are your interest, then our sewing workshop will be useful to sharpen your skills and help you build a career. Feel the pleasure of designing and constructing your patchwork and products for daily use such as a tote bag or a pouch. Let’s get started on the road to sewing by learning the fundamentals of sewing patterns.

Join our fun sewing class in Malaysia and learn to do it yourself

The patchwork is a thousand-year-old textile technique that consists of joining pieces of fabric to create a larger design, often done as a blanket. Through our patchwork workshops, you are able to learn how to quilt a patchwork blanket. This time you don’t have to ask your grandmother to quilt a comfortable patchwork blanket for you, you can do it for yourself by joining the sewing classes offered on our platform! Sewing and quilting are as fun and exciting as any other hobby. If you want to sew anything for yourself or others, a professional sewing workshop is for you to look out for!

Our online sewing workshop covers more than just patchwork for beginners

Other than a patchwork workshop to learn the traditional patchwork blanket, you also get to learn to sew a modern pillow by yourself. In the sewing beginner class, you are going to learn how to sew with an automatic sewing machine, how to practice stitches and what tools are required. The instructor will guide you along with the steps, no worries if you are beginner and never used a sewing machine or any tools before. You are welcome to ask questions if you face any troubles in the sewing process, our instructor is ready to answer your questions and guide you to solve them!

Much more basic sewing class for you to learn in our online platform

Not only that, but you also can learn how to sew reversible tote bags and drawstring pouch on our platform! It is a wonderful feeling wearing the tote bag and pouch that is sewn by yourself. You will never want to miss out on this amazing sewing workshop! Once you finish a course, it would help you from time to time, you could show your finished works in the comment session to let the instructor check on your progress. It helps to have a knowledgeable person to rate your sewing and quilting artworks.


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