Basics of Sewing for Modern Pillow with Yee Yong

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Would you often thinking of the most comfortable and hygiene pillow made by your elders,

and you really loved to lay on it?

You could handmade on for yourself / your loved ones by watching this sewing workshop for beginners!

Play with Sewing Machine in this Sewing Class

  • Sewing will be much easier if you have enough passion! Sewing is not an activity or hobby that own only by elders. By sewing, you can make a lot of cool stuff, such as fashion wears and other daily used pieces of stuff.
  • Mastering sewing techniques could help you to save money that you spent on your clothes. Looking for unique clothes/minimalist styles wears, but couldn’t found in market places? You could sew it yourself, on a lower budget! This sewing workshop specially designed for beginners will be perfect for you to discover your passion.

What benefits you could get if you know how to sew patchwork crafts?

#1. Guaranteed qualities as self-made pillows in olden days

#2. Hygiene materials and making processes

#3. Handmade by old canvas with worthy memories (from different old clothes)

#4. Master all sewing basics that could help you in daily usages

#5. You can sell your handmade crafts!

Sewing Workshop Course Breakdown

#1. Play with the sewing basics

  • Introductions to sewing
  • Practising basic sewing techniques

#2. Introduction of materials & tools

  • The basic sewing equipment
  • Materials of patchwork pillow

#3. Connect the patchwork

  • Iron the patchwork onto the batting
  • Quilting Along the Lines
  • Measure and cut out the article
  • Sew the zip
  • Connect the articles together & Sew on the lining
  • Turn the article inside out

#4. Ending, conclusions & useful tips

What You Will Get From This Sewing Workshop

FAQs of Patchwork Workshop

I did not have any fundamental skills related to sewing/quilting before, would this online workshop be suitable for me?

Yes, it is totally suitable for you! This online workshop is specially designed for sewing beginners! Our professional instructor will explain all details attentively, and every step and skill will be presented neatly with HD videos. What you need are just PASSIONS!

How if I could not find the equipment that I need to prepare.

No worries! Our professional instructors will introduce all the equipment, and ways of getting them will be mentioned in class. You are able to purchase the material kits of this online workshop too!

Is it suitable to learn quilting intermediate patchwork blankets online?

YES for sure! The greatest benefits of learning quilting intermediate patchwork blanket online are you can pause anytime, and replay it unlimited times! Throughout close-ups and featured shoot scenes, it definitely will be well presented to all learners. Moreover, you could also choose your own preferred time and spaces of learning! You can learn anytime and anywhere, and clear all your doubts by asking the instructor questions online. It’s easy, just need to upload your works online, our instructor will provide you with the most accurate answer based on it. Not just that, we also do have a space for you to know more craft lovers like you! All the craft lovers can join our online community to share thoughts and skills together!

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