5 Watercolour Painting Ideas You Can Try For Beginners

29 Aug 2022

People fall in love with the beauty of watercolour.

It's interesting how you can flow the colors naturally, how you can do soft strokes to blend, and so much more.

Therefore, you can make easy and simple paintings on your own!

Here are some paintings you can:

Outer Space

What does your mind think of when you heard outer space? Your mind immediately think of stars, planets, and galaxies.

This watercolour painting is simple as you will paint stars and little planets. You can come up with different colours to make it more prettier.

Starry Sky

Looking up at the sky, regardless of the time, it brings peace to your eyes and mind.

This watercolour painting is simple for someone who is a sky person, and longing for pretty skies you imagine in your mind.

Therefore, you can paint the sky in any colour you like, adding some stars as a bonus.


Dreaming of going to places where you're far away from the busy city, where you search for peace and surround with nature and beautiful scenery?

Imagine yourself looking at the misty mountains. This painting idea is simple as is a scenery painting.

Paint a sky and add some strokes for the mountains. Add some strees and bring less colur to show the trees are far away up on the mountains to make it more realistic.

Abstract Painting

You might have no ideas to paint and your mind is blank enough to think of one, which abstract painting comes in handy.

Let your hands paint whatever you want since it is in abstract concept. You can paint in different shapes and sizes and let your imagination takes you.

People find it hard to make difficult paintings, until you are introduce to abstract painting. This painting idea is good when you have no idea what to paint and is more fun and exciting when you can make something out of it!


What's more easy and simple than painting flowers? Everyone love flowers as it made their day just by having it or someone reminding them of it.

This painting idea is quite easy, consider you have to draw a bunch of flowers and colour with whatever colour you like.

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