Calligraphy Flourishing for Beginners with Kelly

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From ashes to beauty ✨

Ever wonder if your calligraphy writing will ever be compatible with others? Elegant, beautiful, and brings the soul out through the art of writing. You’re definitely in the right place!

Basic but beauty!

Writing itself is already a plus point towards one person, but writing puts a pause to this very hectic world we are in! With each word penning down, one’s heart and effort are like waves tossing around the boat, creating an emotional connection from one end to another. Pencil calligraphy is no longer limited to fancy equipment or tools. In this class, you will be learning how to beautifully calligraph your writings with just any pen you can reach!

Courses Breakdown

Don't worry even zero knowledge about calligraphy! Our instructor will guide you in detail and even attach with PDF Practice Booklet for you to download. This workshop can repeat as many times as you want, you can also ask questions below the lessons if you faced any issues! Follow the 15 Lessons below to learn how to work on the perfect calligraphy flourishing!


★ Introduction about Instructor & Calligraphy Flourishing
★ Introduction about tools(Pen,Ink Pen,Pencil,Glass Pen)
★ Fundamental of English Calligraphy
★ Main Points of Fonts (10 Basic Strokes)
★ Letter size
★ Letter connection
★ Circle Practice
★ Lowercase (a-z)
★ Lowercase Connection
★ Numbers (1-0)
★ Uppercase(A-Z)
★ Flourishing
★ Lettering + Flourishing Wording Practice
★ Lettering + Flourishing Sentences Practice
★ Conclusion

About the Instructor

I am the founder of 37° craft, a brand that makes handwriting-related products or paper products. I feel that handwritten works are precious and it reflects the temperature of our emotion too. so 37°C is also the temperature of handwriters.

I started a handwriting course in 2018, either for meditation or to add value to myself, and I hope more people can discover the joy from handwriting. I have now held over a hundred online and offline courses, and also

I have worked on handwritten cards for many international fashion brands and as a calligrapher for events, and my handwriting journey has been challenging but joyful.

It is not easy to learn to write by hand, but the joy of learning to do so lasts a lifetime.

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I have never attended any calligraphy classes before, would this course be suitable for me?

★Yes, this course is best suited for beginners with zero knowledge about calligraphy. Our instructors will teach you in detail and they will provide a step-by-step tutorial.

What if I am not available to attend class at a specific time?

★ No worries! Our classes are unlimited and offer lifetime access once you’ve purchased. You can also choose your own preferred time and space for learning!

Can I get in touch with the instructor to ask her some specific questions?

★ Yes, of course! You can ask questions in the comment section, and the instructor will help you solve your problems as fast as possible. You will also be able to have a discussion within the community.

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