Copperplate Calligraphy with Jecelyn

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Copperplate calligraphy is the ultimate synthesis of what we love: language, art and human connection. Copperplate help to relaxed, develop patience, improve memory and learning.
Practicing is important to master Copperplate calligraphy skills, having passion and patience towards it could help us to improve quicker.


Copperplate is also the name of a style of calligraphic writing, using a sharp pointed nib instead of the flat nib used in most calligraphic writing.
Fine hairlines are produced when the pointed nib is just touching the paper and no pressure is applied to the nib. Shades (thick strokes) are produced when the scribe applies pressure to open the nib.

Master your Copperplate calligraphy skill with our artisan Jecelyn. Artisan Jecelyn will help you build a foundation of skills for working with everything from A -Z with Copper Plate , detailed guide to writing techniques! Let's discover essential techniques for Copper plate , and create a fantastic masterpiece !


Let's start the Copperplate journey!

  • Get your minds and body prepared!
  • Brief introduction before the journey starts!

Tools & Materials Overview

  • Get to know the tools and materials that you’ll need; from the different types of holders, nibs and paper.
  • Several histories about Copperplate calligraphy.
  • AND YOU KNOW WHAT? There are recent studies that show that handwriting can help students with Dyslexia!


  • Draw guidelines for Copperplate calligraphy.
  • Ways to keep everything neat and tidy.

Understanding Basic Strokes

  • Fundamental skills of Copperplate calligraphy.
  • Mastering of basic strokes. (important to be practiced in order to master Copperplate Calligraphy!)

Write uppercase and lowercase letters

  • Letter A to Z in upper & lowercase.

Connecting Letters & Practices

  • Lastly, You will learn how to connecting the letters with some simple & difficult word.  
  • Go over some words and you’ll be able to write it by yourself.

Way & Tips to take care your Pens or Nibs  

  • Lastly, the right method to clean your nibs!

Kick start your Copperplate calligraphy journey with the cheapest price NOW!

I did not have any fundamental skills related to Copperplate Calligraphy before, would this online workshop suitable for me?

Yes, it is totally suitable for you! This online workshop is special designed for Copperplate calligraphy beginners! Our professional instructor will explain all details attentively, and every steps and skills will be presented neatly with HD videos. What you need is just PASSIONS!

How if I could not find the equipment that I need to prepare.

No worries! Our professional instructors will introduce all the equipment, and ways of getting them will be mentioned in class.

Is it suitable to learn Copperplate Calligraphy online?

YES for sure! The greatest benefits of learning Copperplate Calligraphy via online is you can pause anytime, and replay it unlimited times! Throughout close ups and featured shoot scenes, it definitely will be well presented to all learners. Moreover, you could also choose your own preferred time and spaces of learning! You can learn in anytime and anywhere, and clear all your doubts by asking the instructor questions online. It's easy, just need to upload your works online, and instructor will provide you the most accurate answer based on it. No just that, we also do have a space for you to know more craft lovers like you! All of craft lovers can join our online community to share thoughts and skills together!

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