Baking Christmas Icing Cookies with Wai Fon

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Christmas is coming soon🎄. Have you decided what you want to give away?
Why not bake a sweet Christmas gift by yourself🎁? This workshop will teach you how to make Christmas icing cookies with a nice appearance and great taste!🎅

Best Choice of Christmas Gifts

Christmas icing cookies are very suitable to send as gifts, not only with a nice appearance but also with a sweet taste! You can also place the cookies as decoration on your table, it will become an eye-catching spot when your friends or family come and visit your house✨

The process of making icing cookies are easy to learn, even if you're weak in drawing, you can also make the cookies smoothly with the guidance of the instructor.
This workshop will also specifically teach you how to make cookies on a lollipop stick, let's start your baking journey with icing cookies from now on⛄!

Christmas Series Icing Cookies Course Features

Feature 1:

This online workshop will teach you 【6】 designs of Christmas Icing Cookies:
▶ Christmas Snowman
Santa Claus
▶ Gingerbread Man
▶ Christmas Elk
▶ Christmas Tree
Christmas Candy Cane

Feature 2:Simple to learn for beginners,master zero-failure skills quickly

In this workshop, our professional instructor Wai Fon will teach you how to avoid baking fails of your baked goods by sharing the most straightforward recipes and baking methods with you. As long as you follow the instructor's instructions, baking is no longer a difficult task!

Feature 3:Bonus! Learn how to Make Lollipop Stick Icing Cookies

This workshop will teach you how to make Lolipop Stick icing cookies, which will change the way you present your icing biscuits.

Feature 4Learn everything from zero to one hundred, along with packaging

If you think you're poor at drawing, don't worry; our instructor Wai Fon will teach you how to mix icing colours and then guide you through the process of designing packaging for your icing cookies~

Chapter Planing

Chapter 1:Introduction about the instructor and icing cookies + Introduction about basic tools, equipment & ingredients

1.1: Self-Introduction and Introduction of Icing Cookies

1.2: Introduction about basic tools, equipment & ingredients

» Explanation of basic tools and equipment
» Introduction of the ingredients needed for cookies and icing
» Introduction of colour pigment for food
» Introduction of food dryer

Chapter 2:Icing cookies making process + Things to take note

2.1: Technique to make and store the dough and icing
» How to make and store the dough
» How to make and store the icing

2.2: Way to cut the cookies into their shape

» How to use the mould to cut the cookies perfectly into its shape

2.3:Things to take note when baking and way to store
» How to bake cookies with oven
» Way to store the baked cookies

2.4: Preparation of Icing and Things to take note
» Way to identify the icing thickness
» Mix the colour of icing
» Practice of mix icing

2.5: Technique to make a lollipop stick icing cookies
» How to stick the Lolipop Stick on cookies

2.6:Christmas Season Cookies【Preparation】
» Tips to mix the colour of icing
» Identify the suitable icing thickness

2.7: Christmas Season Cookies【Design & Decoration】
» Design 1 - Christmas Snowman
» Design 2 - Santa Claus
» Design 3 - Christmas Tree
» Design 4 - Christmas Elk
» Design 5 - Christmas Candy Cane
» Design 6 - Gingerbread Man

Chapter 3:Packaging Method for Cookies

3.1: Packaging your icing cookies
» Packaging of normal icing cookies
» Packaging of Lollipop stick icing cookies

3.2: Q&A about the icing cookies
» Common question ask about icing cookies

3.3: Conclusion

Full workshop duration around 2 hours and above,total 【15】chapters, you will learn 【6】designs of Christmas icing cookies🎄 Our instructor Wai Fon will show you all the steps in detail, you can repeat as many times as you want, you can also ask questions below the lessons if you faced any issues🥰


I have never attended any icing cookies workshop before, would this course be suitable for me?
★ Yes, this course is best suited for beginners with zero knowledge about icing cookies. Our instructors will teach you in detail and they will provide a step-by-step tutorial.

What if I don’t know how to prepare the tools and materials?
★ No worries! Our professional instructors will introduce all the tools and materials, and ways of getting them will be mentioned in class.

What if I am not available to attend class at a specific time?
★ No worries! Our classes are unlimited and offer lifetime access once you’ve purchased. You can also choose your own preferred time and space for learning!

Can I get in touch with the instructor to ask her some specific questions?
★ Yes, of course! You can ask questions in the comment section, and the instructor will help you solve your problems as fast as possible. You will also be able to have a discussion within the community.

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