28 Lessons (2h 30m)

1.0 自我介绍 + 糖霜饼干介绍

1.1 自我介绍 + 糖霜饼干介绍

2.0 工具介绍

2.1 饼干工具
2.2 糖霜工具
2.3 模具 + 其他工具

3.0 材料介绍

3.1 饼干材料
3.2 糖霜材料
3.3 色素介绍

4.0 烘干机种类 +没有烘干机怎么办

4.1 烘干机介绍

5.0 如何制作饼干面团和收藏

5.1 如何制作饼干面团
5.2 面团收藏方式

6.0 如何制作糖霜和收藏

6.1 如何制作糖霜面团
6.2 糖霜收藏方式

7.0 印制饼干

7.1 印制饼干

8.0 烘培饼干

8.1 烘培饼干和注意事项 (如何用普通烤箱烘培饼干)
8.2 饼干收藏方式

9.0 调制糖霜 + 如何辨别糖霜浓度

9.1 调制糖霜 + 如何辨别糖霜浓度

10.0 调制糖霜练习

10.1 调制糖霜练习

11.0 如何处理用到Lollipop Stick的饼干

11.1 如何处理用到Lollipop Stick的饼干

12.0 圣诞系列饼干 【制作准备】

12.1 色素讲解 + 调制糖霜颜色和浓度

13.0 圣诞系列饼干 【造型设计&最后装饰】

13.1 Part 1
13.2 Part 2
13.3 Part 3
13.4 Part 4
13.5 Part 5
13.6 Part 6

14.0 包装

14.1 包装

15.0 糖霜饼干注意事项

15.1 注意事项

16.0 总结+老师勉励话语

16.1 总结+老师勉励话语

Bake Christmas Icing Cookies with zero foundation, the sweetest Christmas gift for your loved one

中文  ,  ENG
中文  ,  ENG

PROMO Limited: 80students
Christmas Promo Price at ONLY RM89!

Christmas is coming soon, we are able to see many shops starting to put on Christmas decorations and sell all kinds of Christmas goods. Have you done preparing your Christmas tree yet?🎄
Apart from the Christmas stuff, Christmas cookies are also one of the most important things that you can't miss out on! This workshop will teach you how to make Christmas icing cookies with a nice appearance and great taste!🎅

Best Choice of Christmas Gifts

Christmas icing cookies are very suitable to send as gifts, not only with a nice appearance but also with a sweet taste!
You can also place the cookies as decoration on your table, it will become an eye-catching spot when your friends or family come and visit your house✨
The process of making icing cookies are easy to learn, even if you're weak in drawing, you can also make the cookies smoothly with the guidance of the instructor.
This workshop will also specifically teach you how to make cookies on a lollipop stick, let's start your baking journey with icing cookies from now on⛄!

Christmas Icing Cookies Courses Breakdown

Full workshop duration around 2 hours and above,total 【15】chapters, you will learn 【6】designs of Christmas icing cookies including Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Elk, Snowman,Gingerbread man and Christmas Candy Canes🎄 Our instructor Wai Fon will show you all the steps in detail, you can repeat as many times as you want, you can also ask questions below the lessons if you faced any issues🥰

▶ Introduction about the instructor and icing cookies
▶ Introduction about basic tools, equipment & ingredients
▶ How to make and store the dough
▶ How to make and store the icing
▶ How to cut the cookies into its shape
▶ Tips to bake and store the cookies
▶ How to identify the suitable icing thickness
▶ Tips to mix the colour of icing
▶ Steps of making the icing and practice session
▶ How to make cookies on a lollipop stick
▶ Christmas season cookies 【Preparation】
▶ Christmas season cookies 【Design & Decoration】
▶ Packaging your icing cookies
▶ Q&A about the icing cookies
▶ Conclusion

Perfect as Christmas Gift!


I have never attended any icing cookies workshop before, would this course be suitable for me?
★ Yes, this course is best suited for beginners with zero knowledge about icing cookies. Our instructors will teach you in detail and they will provide a step-by-step tutorial.

What if I don’t know how to prepare the tools and materials?
★ No worries! Our professional instructors will introduce all the tools and materials, and ways of getting them will be mentioned in class.

What if I am not available to attend class at a specific time?
★ No worries! Our classes are unlimited and offer lifetime access once you’ve purchased. You can also choose your own preferred time and space for learning!

Can I get in touch with the instructor to ask her some specific questions?
★ Yes, of course! You can ask questions in the comment section, and the instructor will help you solve your problems as fast as possible. You will also be able to have a discussion within the community.

About the instructors

我是Wai Fon,是Sweet Sensations Cookie的创办人~   2015 年, 我由全职妈妈蜕变成一位专业的糖霜饼干导师。一开始, 我对糖霜饼干完全没有认知, 当时在马来西亚会制作糖霜饼干的人也十分的少。 为了学习糖霜饼干, 自学然后失败无数次,坚持到现在有了成绩,并改良了适合亚洲人吃的食谱。 吃过我食谱做出来的糖霜饼干,顾客们都很意外,因为颠覆了她们一向以为很甜的饼干,也很好吃且不腻。   为了学得.....
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Very detailed explanation given by instructor. Easy to understand. Will sign up more lessons in future.

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