10 Lessons (2h 10m)

Introduction of Art Journal

What is Art Journal?
Materials & Tools Needed for this Workshop

Basic Skills For Art journal (How to Start)

Decide the Theme & Style! & How to Gather the Materials!
Start Plan the Layout

Basic Skills (Let’s Start Drawing)

Basic Drawing Technique that You Need to Learn
Drawing Simple Flower with Different Techniques / Styles

Create a Natural Flora Art Journal Step by Step

1) Create Calla Lily Journal with Mixed Media
2) Create Sunflower Journal with Mixed Media
3) Create Butterfly Journal with Mixed Media

Conclusion & Tips for Art Journal

Ending and sharing some Tips of Art Journal

Art Journaling for Beginners: 「Create Your Very Own Floral Natural Journal by Using Things Around You!」

A Creative and Confident Practice for Life

Art journals can serve as a private space for you to express your thoughts and creativity through visuals. The journey of art journaling is amazing as you can always find inspiration and freedom in the intimacy of your journal.

Throughout the entire workshop, participants are not only exposed to different usage of mediums such as fineliner, fountain pen, fiber-tip pen, etc. They are also able to comprehend the usages of different colours, techniques to express themselves through art journaling. This drawing and painting class helps participants to organize & colorize in an artistic manner.

What is The Course About?

In this drawing and painting class, our journaling artist Shin Yee will guide you on how to start an art journal by mixing beautiful nature elements such as flowers and butterflies together. Follow just a few steps to create an art journal with your own favorite techniques and style!

♡ Learn how to create your own Floral Natural Art Journal in just a few simple steps! ♡

step 1: get ready with your tools

step 2: choose your favorite flowers or natural elements to start

Students will learn 3 different types of nature-related elements

Easy and simple Calla Lily drawing

Sunflower and handwritten quote

Butterfly and wax seal

step 7: tips sharing of making an art journal
🌸 Then your floral art journal is done! 🌸

This Drawing and Painting Class is Suitable For Who

  • Love flowers and natural elements
  • Love simple drawing and lettering
  • Want to create an art journal
  • Like to express your thoughts and feelings
  • Looking for some “Me-Time” activities
  • Want to kick start your creativity

Learning Outcomes

After this drawing & painting class, you are able to:

  1. Understand the basic tools needed to create an art journal
  2. Illustrate beautiful flowers & butterflies with colorful fineliner, fiber-tip pen & watercolor
  3. Create your own concoction of the personalized journals from your drawing masterpiece with mixed media
  4. Organize the journal layout yet retain your creativity & uniqueness
  5. Pick up photographing tips to show your masterpiece to family & friends

Self-paced Learning!

The classes are organized in sub-topics where you can learn at your own pace. We provide an effective and flexible learning environment for you!

About the instructor

Shin Yee is a journaling artist that has years of experience in the journaling field. She has been journaling since 2015. Through these years of exploring art journalism, she found out that it is something she really enjoys doing.

Some of the floral art journals done by journaling artist Shin Yee

check out more artworks from Shin Yee at instagram

Join us now to start your amazing journey in the world of art journal!

Shin Yee

About the instructors

Shin Yee

Journaling artist

Shin Yee is a journaling artist that has years of experience in the journaling field. She has been journaling since 2015. Through these years of exploring art journalism, she found out that it is something she really enjoys doing. Shin Yee has many books for different journaling purposes, and each of them turns out in different styles and outcomes. Her preferred method of journaling is thr.....
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I love it! Its really helpful!

Good workshop to let me draw better :)

very simple and easy to understand video!

This is really cool, thanks for shin yee for explaining it easily. I always keep journaling normally, but I can find references to make my journaling better and fun to look back on, namely by making an art journal. I will practice it in my journal ^^

After going through the online workshop, I find it fascinating and helpful for a beginner like me. With the introduction of certain tools and materials such as STABILO products would allow me to start with a direction and from there to further explore.

Didn’t know art has been improved in so many beautiful ways nowadays. Unlike those days with the traditional method. Surely kids or even adults would find this new techniques interesting and enjoyable especially those who find art boring before 😉
I’m impressed and have learnt something new myself 👍🏻☺️

  • Level: Beginner
  • Learn online and at your own pace
  • Unlimited access forever
  • Q&A with instructor and students