DIY Terrarium Making for Beginners: Tips and Tricks

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Every terrarium carries a feeling of zen-fulness

Using terrariums as your home decor and surrounding yourself with greens is probably the best idea especially this stay-at-home period. There are a lot of benefits of terrarium making such as it looks amazing in any setting, it is easy to look after, it is relaxing and therapeutic!

Making these terrariums is self-healing therapy

Terrarium-making might look intimidating for beginners, but actually, it is quite easy at all as long as you find the right place to learn the basic knowledge and skills.

It is a beginner-friendly and low-cost hobby for you. There's somehow a small space for a garden in the city – a ‘mini garden' - terrarium is low-maintenance! They are also suitable for those who don't have extra time to take care of the plants because they don't need to be watered often. They can even use artificial light, such as LED to maintain! ;)

Making a DIY Terrarium Online Workshop Syllabus

In this class, you will learn 2 different styles of terrarium making, where our professional instructor will guide you through along the way incrementally! Without missing a single step shown to you, you may also learn at your own pace, pausing whenever you want! So you can learn from scratch with no basics!

▶ Introduction of terrarium-making (How does terrarium works, Components/layers of a terrarium)
▶ Materials & Equipment needed (Cost of building a simple terrarium and where to get them)

▶ Best plants for terrarium (How to choose plants for terrarium)
▶ Moss (Moss Type)
▶ Soils for Terrarium (what are the components of the common soil for a terrarium, personal mix)
▶ Design & composition for different containers

▶ Let's create a terrarium - Design 1 (Preparation, Planting, Do & Don'ts)
▶ Let's create a terrarium - Design 2 (Preparation, Planting, Do & Don'ts)
▶ Choosing a light source for your terrarium (the best light for terrarium (LED), common light options, tips on choosing a suitable light for your terrarium)
▶ Maintenance (temperature, watering, humidity, light duration, tackle mold in a terrarium, Microfauna, air ventilation, pruning to keep plants healthy, cleaning)

About Your Terrarium Making Instructor

Hi, I'm Kah hong, founder of Duascapers, a self-taught terrarium maker & aquascaper. When I think of a terrarium, I think of an ecosystem, our mother earth. It is mini earth enclosed in a glass jar. You will learn how to create & maintain one in this course, I will guide you from preparation to the creation of a terrarium. Whether you’re a hobbyist or just getting started, I will help you build a terrarium with ease, joy and confidence.

More artworks from Kah Hong

Check out more artwork on Instagram @duascapers

This Terrarium Making Class is Suitable For Who:

➤ living in small spaces but would like to have a garden
➤ just love to garden & enjoy gardening
➤ busy and hectic (because terrariums don't need to be watered often!)
➤ want to elevate your life & home
➤ want to unleash your creativity

After this Terrarium Workshop, you are able to:

➤ know the basic technique and knowledge of terrarium-making such as maintenance and so
➤ learn at least 2 designs of terrariums
➤ explore your limitless decorative potential
➤ enjoy some freshly filtered air 
➤ unwind and de-stress

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this terrarium-making class suitable for beginners? 

★ Yes, this online workshop is specially designed for terrarium beginners! Our professional instructor will explain all the details attentively, and every step and skill will be presented neatly with HD videos. What you need is just PASSION! ♥

What if I can’t find any suitable terrarium-making equipment or material?

★ Our professional instructor will explain all the tools and materials needed, and ways of getting them will be mentioned during classes!

What if I am not available to attend class at a specific time?

★ No worries! Our classes are unlimited and offer lifetime access once you’ve purchased the course. You can also choose your own preferred time and space for learning!

Can I get in touch with the instructor to ask some specific questions?

★ Yes, of course! You can ask questions in the comment section, and the instructor will help you solve your problem as fast as possible. You are also able to share your masterpieces and have a discussion within the community.

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