Howdy, Jenna

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About Me:

I often feel that the biggest challenge in the journey of DIY natural skin care is finding the right voice. The Internet is cluttered with too much misleading information which can influence the way we DIY our natural skin care correctly. Seeing this, I am inspired to only learn the ethical way and be the right voice for women who seek for the knowledge. I have been in this DIY natural skin care journey for 3 years, having 10 years of teaching experience, I am quite good in lesson planning, so I am holding on to the principle of spreading happiness and be the right voice to empower women in handcrafting their own skin care. The proudest thing I have experienced is when students keep coming back to enrol in my workshops and tell me how effective the skin care they have made for their loved ones which help them to solve skin problems like eczema and acnes. I am also proud when I have a loyal community of students who share their creations and tips in our WhatsApp support group, I am pleased that there is actually positive transformation in their lives. Learn. Create. Share is all I advocate!