Top 10 Reasons You Should Choose this Creative Workshop for Your Corporate Team Building Program

21 Jul 2022

If you’re looking for a more unique, fun and laid-back corporate team building program in Malaysia for your team to experience, then you’ve come to the right place!

CRAFT La doesn’t just offer fun and creative courses for individuals but we also cater to a larger crowd including corporate team building events. 

Here are 10 reasons why you should opt for our creative workshops for your next corporate team building program:

Ample Collection of Unique Corporate Team Building Programs in Malaysia

At CRAFT La, you will be spoilt for choice! We have a wide variety of creative workshops for you and your team to immerse yourselves in and incorporate into your upcoming corporate team building event. 

Choose from our more relaxing candle and soap-making courses to our more energised street dance fitness classes. We also have courses like drawing and painting, quilting, jewellery making and many more! We offer more than 15 activities readied for corporate needs on our platform.

A Team Building Creative Workshop Suitable For Beginners 

Whether you are a fast learner, a crafter at heart, a curious individual or none of the above, we have a selection of creative workshops for team building that are suitable for everyone, including beginners. 

So, don’t worry about not knowing how to craft because we have easy-to-follow courses with some of the best instructors out there to guide you and your team through the creative process.


Unleash Your Creativity with a More Hands-On Team Building Experience

Our creative workshops give you and your team the freedom to unleash your inner child and creativity for a more engaging and fun time that’s coupled with a more hands-on team building experience. 

You and your teammates won’t only be listening and watching our instructors do their thing throughout the corporate team building program but also given the opportunity to create your own masterpiece as you learn and interact with one another.

Allows for a More Flexible Corporate Team Building Event

Whether it’s an indoor team building or outdoor team building event in Malaysia that you want you and your team to get involved in, CRAFT La allows you to customise your dream team building experience the way you like it. 

That is why we also offer a team building bundled service to cater to your needs as well as your team’s. 

A Corporate Team Building Program That Adds Value

Those who participate in our team building activities will surely get some takeaways even after the program has ended. Besides a finished masterpiece that’s their own, everyone learns something new and may even find themselves a new hobby that they love. 

Our Corporate Team Building Program is HRDF Claimable

Because the team building activities, as well as arts and crafts courses at CRAFT La are conducted by HRDF authorised trainers, your team building with us will be HRDF claimable. Kindly leave your information on our enquiry form on our Team Building page and we will contact you for further instructions. 

Enjoy a Virtual Team Building Program in the Comforts of Home or Office

If you prefer to have virtual corporate team building activities instead, you’re in luck!

We understand that transportation and time are always a hassle when it comes to gathering. With CRAFT La’s virtual corporate team building in Malaysia, you can learn anytime anywhere! We offer high-quality pre-recorded workshops for you to learn on demand.

A Corporate Team Building Program that Provides a Safe Space for Learning

CRAFT La makes it a point to create a safe space for learning for all. Regardless of whether you are a crafty person or not, our Corporate Team Building Program caters to everyone!

We are definitely well-equipped to give you the most enjoyable and memorable team building experience for you and your team.

A Relaxing Team Building Experience That Encourages Collaboration

One thing is for sure, CRAFT La’s corporate team building program offerings are a breath of fresh air. It’s a perfect way to destress and just let your creativity flow while you interact and have fun together throughout the team building. 

So, take a break from the conventional corporate team building programs and get your team together for a more unique team building experience with CRAFT La.

Learn From Talented Artisans at Our Corporate Team Building Program

Here at CRAFT La, we select talented artisans as instructors to deliver quality content and education to individuals and in corporate team building programs. Each artisan is well experienced and a master in their own craft and has proven to be a great instructor with wonderful and friendly personalities.

Get in Touch with Us Today to Enquire About Our Corporate Team Building Programs

If you’re interested to get yourself and your team together for a fun and engaging yet immersive and relaxed corporate team building experience in Malaysia, you can drop us a message on WhatsApp or visit our Team Building page to make an enquiry. 

Hurry and get in touch with us so you can CRAFT La!

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