Beauty & Makeup

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Through the online beauty and makeup class, you can learn how to pamper yourself by creating your own skin care and makeup products that fit you perfectly. From beauty tips and tricks to create your own natural skincare product like face oils, lip balm and handmade soap, enroll in a variety of beauty and makeup classes to pamper yourself or to be a DIY or handcraft small business entrepreneur.

There are two soap making online classes on our platform, you can learn how to make your own organic cold process soap or korean style DIY scented soap, we promised that you will find what you want according to your needs! In our organic soap making online class, or you can get the full demonstration and the cold process soap beginner recipe. You can also learn how to make your scented soap by adding the essential oils that suit you better in our korean style DIY soap online class. You can even get to know the tools and materials checklist and where to get it.
Besides, anyone can learn how to make natural skincare products at home in our natural skin care online class. You will get to know the common organic and natural ingredients of skincare products and you will get the DIY skincare recipes in our workshop. Our instructor will guide you step by step from introducing the favorite carrier oils for different skin styles to DIY the 3 skin care products – organic ylang ylang facial cleanser, calendula infused lavender body lotion and organic sweet orange chocolate lip balm.

Other than that, you can learn how to make your own natural DIY lipstick like a pro. The handmade lipstick online class is suitable for lipstick-obsessed and you can know how easy it would be to create your own lipstick. In this handmade lipstick online class, you will be learning the ingredients needed and the natural DIY lipstick recipe. It is suitable for sensitive lips and you can even choose your own lipstick color! In the online beauty and makeup class on our platform, you can also learn to get a perfect manicure at home! You can pamper yourself to do a proper at-home manicure by joining our online nail art class, and you can learn how to do 5 nail art designs.

Make time for yourself and pamper yourself with online beauty and makeup classes! Wanting to take better care of yourself? Self-care practices can heal your inner state and mentality like joining the soap making online class in Malaysia to learn how to do soap making, pairing them with some indulgent pampering of your outer self like you can enjoy the essential oil soap for your sensitive skin! Join us today!