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Equipment & Ingredients/Chemistry Behind Soap Making

Equipment & Ingredients/Chemistry Behind Soap Making

Preparation Process

Preparation Process

Soap Making Steps

Soap Making Steps

Cutting, Unmoulding & Storage

Cutting, Unmoulding & Storage

Bonus Feature ( Melting Soap Introduction)

Bonus Feature ( Melting Soap Introduction)

Bonus Feature (Melting Soap Process) 

Bonus Feature (Melting Soap Process)

Cold Melt Soap Making: How To Make Your Own Organic Handmade Soap

How do you define: Organic

For our instructor, Mei Li, organic soaps are natural and eco-friendly.

For her, organic is not excluding the chemical’s ingredients only,

but it could bring benefits to its users and also for the environment.

Handmade soaps online workshop

Let’s customize our own soaps by deciding its ingredients, and how it looks like.

 Why is it so important to decide the ingredients of soap on our own?

Because everyone has different skin’s condition, for instances:

  • sensitive skin needs 100% natural ingredients,
  • while oily skin needs hydration and
  • some of the organic soap bars might need a few chemical ingredients to preserve it.

But why all of us, who have different skin conditions, is using commercial/branded soap with similar ingredients in the market?

After learning this workshop, you are able to decide the ratio of chemicals in your soap bar, its scents, its appearance, etc.

You would able to add ingredients that you loved in it, and make tones of soap bars for your loved ones!

Class breakdown:

Introduction-  In this natural handmade soap-making course, you’ll learn two different methods of soap-making.

Equipment & Ingredients /Chemistry behind soap making  – you’ll learn about the various ingredients and materials being used.

Preparation Process  – Our teacher, Mei Li, will also mention some helpful tips and tricks along the way!

Soap Making Steps– Step & Formula Of Making the soap

 Cutting, Unmoulding & Storage  –  Cutting the Soap Out and Unmoulding it

Bonus Feature ( Melting Soap Introduction)

Bonus Feature (Melting Soap Process) 

About the instructor

Mei Li, soap maker of COMO SOAP,

who loved to handmade soap by always putting her whole efforts into DIY soap bars

is ready to share her skills and experiences with you!

I do not have any fundamental skills related to handmade soap before, would this online workshop suitable for me?

Yes, it is totally suitable for you! This online workshop is special designed for handmade soap beginners! Our professional instructor will explain all details attentively, and every step and skill will be presented neatly with HD videos. What you need are just PASSIONS!

How if I could not find the equipment that I need to prepare.

No worries! Our professional instructors will introduce all the equipment, and ways of getting them will be mentioned in class.

Is it suitable to learn handmade soap online?

YES for sure! The greatest benefit of learning handmade soap online is you can pause anytime, and replay it unlimited times! Throughout close-ups and featured shoot scenes, it definitely will be well presented to all learners. Moreover, you could also choose your own preferred time and spaces of learning! You can learn anytime and anywhere, and clear all your doubts by asking the instructor questions online. It’s easy, just need to upload your works online, and the instructor will provide you the most accurate answer based on it. Not just that, we also do have space for you to know more craft lovers like you! All craft lovers can join our online community to share thoughts and skills together!

About the instructors

Mei Lee is a professional soap maker and has been making her own soaps since 2014. What inspired her to take up this profession was due to her sensitive skin. Her best friend had informed her about the benefits of making your own soap and so she gave it a try. To her surprise, her own formulas helped tremendously with her skin type! When asked if more people should take up soap making, she.....
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Seriously the knowledge of the soap making is too basic where you can get in any of the youtube video, not worth for the price, hope you can teach more details about soap making formula, type of soap, ingredient to avoid, flavor, colour mixing etc.

Just a simple plain basic soap workshop, not the bamboo charcoal soap and other soap tutorial as advertised, i understand image is for illustration purpose only, but it quite disappointing me :(

It will be better if you can teach us more detail on the calculation

As someone who has been using natural handmade soap for a few months now, I decided to give this course a try. And I must say, it didn’t disappoint! I love the explanations on the ingredients and materials being used. It helped me to have a better understanding on what I’m actually doing. I can finally save up now by making my own soaps instead of buying them from the store. I highly recommend checking out this course!

  • Level: Beginner
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