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Through the online writing and calligraphy class, you can learn how to write calligraphy with brush pen, ink pen, dip pen, pencil and any other pen! We’re providing Chinese and English writing and calligraphy classes. You can change up your writing style by starting your calligraphy journey with us. There’re more than 3 and above options if you want to learn English writing and calligraphy! You can learn calligraphy from ashes to beauty if you join our calligraphy flourishing class and this calligraphy class is not limited to fancy equipment or tools. In this class, you will be learning how to beautifully calligraphy your writings with just any pen you can reach such as pencil, gel pen and so on. Besides, you can join in our brush lettering class if you wish to learn from basic strokes to alphabet formation to personalizing it through bounce lettering! You can also learn the beginner’s guide to copperplate calligraphy and you will be learning the fundamentals of copperplate script in this writing and calligraphy class! Not only that, our Chinese calligraphy and writing class is one of our popular classes and you will be learning the fundamentals of Chinese calligraphy elements and basic strokes. Our instructor will guide you to practice the commonly used character, radical and even the greeting! You can create your very own greeting card after the class and send it to your loved ones! Don’t worry even if you have zero knowledge about calligraphy because our writing and calligraphy class will guide you in detail and even attach a PDF Practice Booklet to you! Writing itself is already a plus point towards one person, but writing puts a pause to this very hectic world we are in! Now you can join our online writing and calligraphy class as it allows you to begin learning anytime and anywhere. If you’ve missed an important part and would like to rewatch back, you don’t need to repurchase! You can also ask questions regarding the course just as you wish.



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