Bartending 101 Workshop with Diageo World-Class Malaysia Champion

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Everyone can craft a tasty cocktail even at home

Have you ever thought about what to do if you want to become a bartender or build a cocktail at home? Well, look no more! Here's the right place for you to teach you the shaking and stirring techniques.
This class can make your drink-making experience more pleasurable.

Learn From the x3 Diageo World Class Malaysia Champion

Shawn Chong will share you with the tips of the trade to inspire your inner bartender! He will guide you through how to build, stir, shake and throw the cocktail. Whether you're just looking for something fun and casual or you want to become a junior bartender, you can learn the ropes of bartending in this class!

Bartending 101 Online Workshop Syllabus

In this class, you will learn 2 different styles of Bartending Techniques, where our professional instructor will guide you through along the way incrementally! Without missing a single step shown to you, you may also learn at your own pace, pausing whenever you want! So you can learn from scratch with no basics!

▶ Introduction to Bartending (brief intro, skills needed to be a junior bartender)
▶ Basic tools of the trade and their function (Bar tools, Glassware)
▶ Staples in a bar (Spirits & Liqueurs, Non-alcoholic products)

▶ Mise en place: Sugar syrup (Different syrup ratios and function)
▶ Mise en place: Citrus juice (Juicing techniques)
▶ Mise en place: Garnish (Types of garnish)
▶ Mise en place: Ice (Types of ice used in a bar)

▶ Build your Cocktail 1: Bartending Techniques (Cobbler Shaker)
▶ Build your Cocktail 2: Bartending Techniques (Boston Shaker)
▶ Recap & Outro

About Your Bartending Instructor - Shawn Chong

Hi, I'm Shawn Chong and I have been bartending since 2009. I have won multiple competitions and have been running my own bars. My previous venture, Omakase + Appreciate gained international recognition for being the 10th Best Bar in Asia in 2016. Now I run a collective under the Bar Mizukami brand. When I'm not bartending I like to cook and play with my dog.

More cocktails from Shawn

Check out more cocktails on Instagram @bar.mizukami

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this bartending class suitable for beginners? 

★ Yes, this online workshop is specially designed for beginners to learn the ropes of bartending or improve upon your existing skills! Our professional instructor will explain all the details attentively, and every step and skill will be presented neatly with HD videos. What you need is just PASSION! ♥

What if I can’t find any suitable bartending tools or materials?

★ Our professional instructor will explain all the tools and materials needed, and ways of getting them will be mentioned during classes!

What if I am not available to attend class at a specific time?

★ No worries! Our classes are unlimited and offer lifetime access once you’ve purchased the course. You can also choose your own preferred time and space for learning!

Can I get in touch with the instructor to ask some specific questions?

★ Yes, of course! You can ask questions in the comment section, and the instructor will help you solve your problem as fast as possible. You are also able to share your masterpieces and have a discussion within the community.

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