DIY Polymer Clay Teddy Bear with TheArtsyCraftsy

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  • We always encourage kids to play clay when they are kids, because it could helps to develop creativity and innovative!
  • Clay is NOT a toy for kids only!
  • Creating crafts with clay could help human brain to work more effectively, while relaxing it at the same time!
  • When we playing with clay, our brains are controlling our hands, fingers, cells to feel the textures of clay, which enable us to create different shapes with it.
  • It can be said as a mind healing activities which could help us to improve ourselves and think quicker and work smarter in our daily life!


  • Sure, there are many types of clay out there, but the world of polymer clay is special in a way that explores a flexible and colorful one-of-kind experience
  • Polymer clay has a wide range of colors, and is strong and durable after baking it. It does not spoil and the colors do not easily fade.
  • It can be made into custom accessories such as jewelries, key chains and even costume props.

In this online workshop, we are going to learn how to make teddy bear key chain or pendant, by using polymer clay, including:

  • color mixtures,
  • various clay shaping techniques,
  • brainstorming & applying creative ideas,
  • baking methods (e.g. baking by using aluminium foil),
  • ways to assemble the accessories/jewels.


Featured by The Artsy Craftsy, Alice is a Clay Artist from The Craft Brewers.As a craft teacher, freelance sculptor and a prop maker, Alice is equipped with more than 5 years of clay experience.In her online craft classes, Alice will be teaching participants the versatile and creative world of polymer clay including basic tips and techniques.

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