DIY Polymer Clay Jewelleries with TheArtsyCraftsy

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Imagine when you open your jewelry box, you can see various jewelry designs with different colors, and all the designs are your custom favorite, you could match these jewelry perfectly no matter which clothes you wore!

Now, you have two choices to make this imagination come true!
(Spend time and money to search for your jewelry in the market OR DIY them yourself with vibrant polymer clay colors!)

When you have mastered the skills and techniques of DIY clay jewelry, you could create jewelry with your own designs, and wear them yourself or give it to your friends and family as a one-of-a-kind gift. A priceless present for an inexpensive price!


A polymer clay veneer is a flat piece of clay with designs on the surface (also called clay slab).

  • In this class, we will be designing our own clay slabs with 3 types of designs using cookie cutters, and tools found around the house!
  • Have fun playing with simple basic shape designs using cookie cutters;
  • Cutting out random geometric shapes for Terrazzo design; and
  • Shape out petals and vines into Floral batik design,
  • And finally to assemble all your choice designs into your one of a kind earrings!


Featured by The Artsy Craftsy, Alice is a Clay Artist from The Craft Brewers.As a craft teacher, freelance sculptor and a prop maker, Alice is equipped with more than 5 years of clay experience.In her online craft classes, Alice will be teaching participants the versatile and creative world of polymer clay including basic tips and techniques.

Alice was involved in these amazing sculptures!

Material Included Five Different Colour Of Nara Clay Piece 
"Default Colour will be Pastel Green, Chocolate, baby Pink, Neon Orange, Teal
(If you wish to choose another colours ,Kindly provide us the Five Colour Options Number Code Upon Check Out Order Notes)

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