Floral Embroidery for Beginners with Sherly

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Welcome to embroidery world

Embroidery often known as a traditional art,

but actually it can be seen very frequently in our daily life:

such as clothes, accessories, some home decors, etc.

Floral embroidery: Play with threads, needle & hoop

Hand embroidery is a slow art;

The process is relaxing yet therapeutic.

Even research had proven that, embroidery could help in reducing stress!

Our embroidery insturctor, Sherly has years of experience in embroidery!

She stitches different fabulous artworks on different accessories & fabric stuffs.

Such as Kanken, and other famous brands.

Sherly also owned huge numbers of online & offline workshops students.


课程分类 / Class breakdown:

 Introduction for Embroidery Materials - ( Fabric , How many Types of hoops , Thread floss & Needles) Transferring your design - ways on how to transfer the design onto the fabric before stitching Preparing to stitch - how to mount the fabric on the hoop and thread the needle Back Stitch - Stem & Woven Wheel Rose Stitch  - Rose  Fly Stitch Leaf (Closed) - Leaves French Knots - Flower buds/ fillers Finishing & Backing the hoop- alternative ways on backing the hoop Bonus Sharing Section



4 inch embroidery hoop Pre-sketched linen fabric 2 embroidery needles 5 full skeins of DMC embroidery floss A digital instruction guide

*Look for more embroidery kits*

- FAQ -

I did not have any fundamental skills related embroideries before, would this online workshop suitable for me?

Yes, it is totally suitable for you! This online workshop is special designed for embroidery beginners! Our professional instructor will explain all details attentively, and every steps and skills will be presented neatly with HD videos. What you need is just PASSIONS!  

How if I could not find the equipment that I need to prepare.

No worries! Our professional instructors will introduce all the equipment, and ways of getting them will be mentioned in class. *Material kits will be provided for free in this workshop*  

Is it suitable to learn floral embroidery online?

YES for sure! The greatest benefits of learning Floral Embroidery via online is you can pause anytime, and replay it unlimited times! Throughout close ups and featured shoot scenes, it definitely will be well presented to all learners. Moreover, you could also choose your own preferred time and spaces of learning! You can learn in anytime and anywhere, and clear all your doubts by asking the instructor questions online. It’s easy, just need to upload your works online, and instructor will provide you the most accurate answer based on it. No just that, we also do have a space for you to know more craft lovers like you! All of craft lovers can join our online community to share thoughts and skills together!
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