How to Love Yourself?

29 Mar 2021

Loving yourself is so important. Without loving yourself, how can you love others?

A singer once wrote in her lyrics about what a greatest love is.

"Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all" - Whitney Houston

Craft La has a few workshops for you that can help you to love yourself just by doing these arts and crafts during your free time! Everything we provide to you is like a therapy workshop just for you😉

Floral Embroidery Workshop

It is not common to do embroideries in this era. There are people who does it but rare, which is why this class is a perfect way for you to learn something rare and it could help you enjoy your time by just doing some embroideries.

Making embroideries help you love yourself in a way that you can make your own on clothing or handkerchiefs. Who knows, maybe one day you will be known for being artistic because of your creative hand skills on your belongings.

Natural Skin Care Workshop

Your skin is very important. Hence why you need to always have a skincare routine with the right product on your face. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right product for your skin type but don't you worry. Craft La got you!

We have a workshop that can teach you all the natural you can make into your very own product for your skin type. In the end, natural ingredients products help your face even better because we are using mainly mother natures' ingredients. 💖

Soap Making Workshop

Let's go back to learning science! Making soap is really fun just like making candles as you can how it turns solid. Many soap bars are not organic but full-on chemicals. You can try joining this workshop, it is literally organic just like our skincare products. Don't you want to be eco-friendly towards mother earth?

Try making organic soap bars. The ingredients that our instructor teaches are mainly good for sensitive skin or oily skin. It is going to be worth your while. Trust me!

Journaling Workshop [Traveling/Nature like]

Another way to love yourself, you can actually do some journaling. [Creative kind of journaling] Either you travel across the world or even in your own country or overseas, you can jot it down with the creative skills that you will learn in this workshop!

Journaling is like a whole new level because you get to invest your time doing some journals with added materials such as your flight ticket, flowers, dry leaves, stickers, and many more of your choice.

It helps you ease your mind as well because you have jotted down what your mind has been wondering or maybe thinking.

Polymer Clay Jewelry Workshop

For the girls, who love having fancy earrings. Craft La has a workshop for you to have your very own jewelry knowledge. You can now make your very own polymer clay earring, WOOHOO!🤩

Knowing how to make your own earrings would be so fun and stylish! Imagine having to not be able to find a design that you thought of having but no one sells them like the way you want them to. Well, the best idea and solution for you is to learn how to make your own style with polymer clay.

Scented Candle Workshop [Mandarin Teaching]

Imagine to have really good smell in your room or home by just having scented candles. Even better, instead of buying candles why not make your own scented candles but with interesting shapes like food!

It will look very unique in any corner of your house. You can even learn how to make a candle with surprise letter in the candle as it melts, which means you can put any kind of letter that could remind yourself that 'You Are Loved'.

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