DIY Handcraft & Jewelleries

 6 Courses

Through the online DIY Handcraft and Jewelleries workshop, you can learn DIY art and craft skills and techniques! You can learn how to scented candle making, aroma stone making, DIY gemstone bracelet, Polymer Clay Making such as DIY Teddy Bear keychain and DIY clay jewellery with polymer clay, handmade dried flower accessories, DIY Tie-Dye, DIY paper crafts Origami and so on.

Scented candles have already become a therapeutic touch to all homes, it can add happiness to your home by creating a romantic atmosphere, releasing fragrances, and as healing objects! Nowadays scented candle making workshops in Malaysia are becoming more popular because many people want to learn a new skill through candle making class. Making different styles of fragrance candles on your own from scratch will definitely have a sense of accomplishment and its beauty is much more admirable when it’s handmade by you! You’ll be able to innovate and get creative from this course! This candle making class will soon teach you all the candle-making skills and knowledge such as the ingredients and tools for candle making.

Without missing a single step shown to you, you may also learn at your own pace, pausing whenever you want! So you can learn from scratch with no basics! Through the online DIY Handcraft and Jewelleries workshop, you’ll be able to curate a gift that shows your thoughtfulness to an important person on special occasions.

Aroma stone online workshop is also one of our popular workshops, you can learn how to DIY your very own aroma stone after joining this class. You can learn the basic skills and techniques such as mix and pour the mixture into moulds and use colours into your aroma stone with the help of a friendly and professional instructor. Other than that, you can learn how to unleash your creativity to tie-dye t-shirts or handmade your very own accessories like dried flower earrings, DIY gemstone bracelets and so on via online classes.

If you’re looking at some unique handicraft in Malaysia, you can’t miss the opportunity to join our candle making online class, handmade jewelleries online workshop and so. As you can create your very own artworks, not only that, you can even customize the handmade gift for your loved ones!